Follow the Japan team during the Rugby World Cup 2019™

Encourage the Brave Blossoms!

For total immersion during your trip, follow the Japanese team for their pool matches from September 20 to October 13 across the country.

At the foot of Mount Fuji

You will not pass far from Mount Fuji on the way from Tokyo to Shizuoka , the opportunity to take a short break to admire the highest mountain in the country up close. Why not stop at a ryokan before exploring the tea region? Shizuoka is a real breath of fresh air after staying in the capital. In the footsteps of Ieyasu Tokugawa , you can recharge your batteries by the waterfalls, drink local green tea and simply relax. On September 28, cheer on the Japanese team who will have to give their all against Ireland, a great rugby nation, at the Ecopa stadium in Shizuoka .

A rice field in summer with Mount Fuji in the background, Fujiyoshida

Jerome Laborde

Toyota is not just a brand

Toyota is above all a city! And its stadium, financed by the eponymous group, will welcome 45,000 spectators, Japanese rugby players and the qualified team after the play-offs on October 5, 2019 . In central Japan, Toyota is in the same prefecture as Nagoya, the country's third largest city . Here you will find castles, an aquarium and a huge port. Capital of industry , you will also taste excellent dishes! The Toyota automobile museum is obviously a must, to learn about the history of the automobile giant.

Visit Nagoya and its Ferris wheel


Toyota car museum entrance sign

MIKI Yoshihito

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