Umi no ie, Japanese beach houses 海の家

Une Umi no Ie

An Umi no Ie

A summer must-have!


Unlike most French seaside resorts, Japanese beaches have many services available to swimmers. Drink stand, equipment rental, and even barbecue, everything is then carefully sheltered in spaces provided for this purpose: the umi no ie .



Most of them generally content themselves with offering easy-to-eat Japanese specialties , such as yakisoba ( stir-fried noodles ) or karaage (fried chicken). You will also find some drinks, ice creams and kakigori (traditional Japanese ice cream), just to refresh the clientele who come to bask by the water.

That said, Japan is also home to many umi no ie   more luxurious! Like some cabins in Okinawa, which sell cocktails and champagne to anyone who wants it   under the Japanese sun.


See also : Yatai, the Japanese food fest




Crushed ice kakigori, a refreshing treat in the summer!

Kakigori shaved ice is an essential summer refreshment in Japan!


De nombreuses plages abritent une Umi no Ie

Many beaches are home to an Umi no Ie

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