Suica Pre-paid Transport pass

  • Can be used as an electronic wallet
  • Pre-charged and ready to use
  • Valid in Tokyo and other major cities

The SUICA IC Card is currently out of stock. 

To travel around cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and more, take a look at some of our other pre-paid ticket/card options:

This card is the best alternative, as it works similarly to the Suica card, for a set period of 28 days. Please note, it can only be first charged in the Tokyo area. 

Other pass options: 

  • The Japan Rail Pass:

The National Japan Rail Pass allows unlimited access to a majority of the Japan Railway Network throughout Japan, including within major cities. 

The pass will see a price increase as of October 1st, so book your pass by September 29th to purchase it at its current price for use up to the end of December! 

Order your Japan Rail Pass here. 

  • Regional Passes: 

There are a number of regional passes we offer that allow unlimited travel within specific regions of Japan.

If your destination city is within one of these regions, consider a regional pass to get fully covered access to the transportation there and in the surrounding area!

Take a look at all of our regional pass options here.



The Suica card is a prepaid chip card that allows use of most forms of public transport (metro, trains, buses, monorail and taxis) in Japan. The card is charged for each journey or purchase by simply touching the terminals displaying the Suica card logo. 

  • The Suica card is already loaded and ready for use. You will be able to add credit during your stay if necessary. 
  • Only one Suica card per person is required: once the credit has been used up, the card can be topped up at the station as many times as needed.
  • The Suica card can be purchased prior to your departure to Japan, without affecting its operation.

The card was created by the company JR East, but can also be used throughout Japan on other prepaid card networks, such as Pasmo.

Suica card validity

  • Travel

The Suica card can be used in the majority of Japanese public transport: subways, buses and all local trains, as well as in buses and taxis displaying the Suica logo.

Please note that the Suica card does not work on express trains, shinkansen, highway buses or airport shuttles.

  • Electronic wallet

The card also functions as an electronic wallet. You can make small purchases on board trains, at vending machines, mini-markets, shops and restaurants displaying one of the Suica card symbols. It can also be used to pay for taxis and station lockers.

For more information, visit the official JR East website.

Practical information on the Suica card

  • The Suica card is ready to use and already credited with 2000 yen (including a 500 yen deposit). To recover the deposit, you will have to return your card in Tokyo only, at JR East stations.
  • You can keep your Suica card for your next trip. It will remain valid for 10 years.
  • The Suica cards we offer are non-personal and are reserved for adult travellers. Children's Suica cards can be purchased directly in Japan.
  • Although it is now possible to load your Suica card onto your phone and use it as a payment card linked to your bank account, we strongly advise against doing so. Indeed, if you do, the physical card is no longer usable, and unjustified withdrawals have been noted among some users; certainly due to the link with a non-Japanese bank card and the inherent international money transfers. Japan Experience cannot be held responsible for these inconveniences, as the sale was made for a physical Suica card only.


Common questions related to the suica card

Suica Pre-paid Transport pass

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The Suica is out of stock for the moment due to the supply chain situation. We highly recommend that you would buy our Welcome Suica card, our Tokyo Subway Pass or our Kansai Rail Way Pass.

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