Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

In an authentic and traditional “chashitsu” tearoom in Asakusa, experience the beauty of a real tea ceremony.

What is a tea ceremony?

A tea ceremony is, in essence, a multifaceted ritual that incorporates aspects of social interaction, spirituality, and art. In addition to being a profound cultural expression, it fosters mindfulness, connection, and an appreciation of the beauty found in simplicity.

With this ceremony tailored to your needs, you can experience the essence of what the “way of the tea” means. Indeed, it is all about beauty and how the host can share it with the guests.

Enjoy this special art form that communicates itself via heart-to-heart communication. Regardless of age, gender, or nationality, the Chazen tearoom in Asakusa wants to make everyone smile and relax and hopes that the ceremony will turn out to be an unforgettable experience.

A tea ceremony for newcomer to discover this art

This tea ceremony will help you understand all the principles of the way of the tea. The director of the tearoom, Ms. Takeda, learned the tea ceremony at a young age as she attended a Zen Buddhist preschool.

She has been a professional tea ceremony practitioner for over 35 years and an instructor for over 25 years. Each year, she imparts Japanese cultural knowledge to tourists from thirty different nations. The tea ceremony is sometimes referred to as the pinnacle of hospitality, and the chashitsu tearoom is like a miniature universe. During the one hour or so of the ceremony, the guests are encouraged to enjoy booth aspects.

1. Take an introductory lecture to learn about the art of Japanese tea ceremonies.

2. Acquire the knowledge to prepare and serve matcha.

3. Watch a demonstration of the tea ceremony.

4. Pair your matcha green tea with some classic Japanese desserts.

5. Have a go at serving yourself tea.

The fundamentals of Japanese hospitality

To ensure that every single cup of Japanese green tea is a delightful experience, the tearoom staff pays close attention to every single flower and every single serving of Japanese confectionery, giving them a festive atmosphere every time.

Understanding the tea ceremony means being well-versed in Japanese traditional culture, the Japanese heart, and Japan's natural beauty. For those who are discovering the delectable taste of matcha tea for the first time, Chazen serves up the Japanese spirit of hospitality and the beauty of traditional Japanese culture in a way that is easy to comprehend through the tea ceremony.

Asakusa, the heart of downtown Tokyo

Asakusa, a bustling neighborhood in eastern Tokyo, is well-known for the iconic Thunder Gate and the historic Senso-ji Temple, which is Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple. A wide variety of traditional goods and street food are available on Nakamise Shopping Street.

For visitors wishing to experience a little bit of Tokyo's varied offerings, Asakusa is a must-visit destination because it offers an enthralling blend of cultural heritage, traditional markets and festivals, and modern attractions.

It is in this exciting environment that the tearoom is located. Before or after the ceremony, you can stay around and visit Asakusa, one of the top must-see when coming to Tokyo.


Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

$26 per person

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