Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show, the Holy Land of video games

All the big names in video games

From Konami to Sega, via Square Enix, Nintendo or Namco Bandai, all the major players in the video game and digital civilisation world can be found there. In tune with the times, or even ahead of them, the Japanese video game world has made the Tokyo Game Show, as the show grows in fame, an unmissable event for afficionados of everything electronic.

Cosplay, e-sports and more

In addition to video games, the Tokyo Game Show also features e-sport tournaments, cosplay and original merchandising. It's for all those who are chasing the latest in technology.

A highly anticipated event every year

Feel free to come early and study the map of the exhibition beforehand to make the best use of your time once inside.

Only people over 15 years old can enter the Tokyo Game Show.

There are two types of tickets:

- full day tickets for September 23rd and 24th (from 10am to 6pm)

- afternoon tickets for September 22nd, 23rd and 24th (from 2pm to 6pm)

Cannot be cancelled.


Tokyo Game Show

$25 per person

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