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Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Motonosumi Inari Shrine on the Sea of Japan coast in Yamaguchi Prefecture has a line of 123 vermilion torii gates in a beautiful setting.

Kosan-ji Temple

When they want to give their mother a gift, some children give flowers, write a poem or compose a song.

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Fudo-in Temple Hiroshima

Fudo-in Temple in Hiroshima survived the atomic bomb in 1945 and is an historic Shingon sect temple with its buildings dating back to the 16th century.

Hiroshima Peace Pagoda

The Hiroshima Peace Pagoda was built on a hill overlooking Hiroshima city in 1966 by followers of the Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Buddhism.

Ikari Jinja in Hiroshima


Wedged between two buildings, this green alley invites passers-by to escape from the urban bustle.

Mitakidera Temple

Mitakidera Temple

On a mountainside, three waterfalls flow into the forest; a deity would have been sheltered there. It does not take more than that for a temple to appear: the Mitakidera.

Shirakami-sha in Hiroshima


Overshadowed by skyscrapers and other glass buildings, this Shinto shrine is responsible for a crossing between two ages. 

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Onomichi Temple Walk

The Onomichi Temple Walk in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture takes in the town's scenic temples including Senko-ji, Saikoku-ji and Jodo-ji.

Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda

Sanctuary dedicated to world peace and contemplation, the Peace Pagoda dominates the entire city of Hiroshima from Mount Futaba, whose rise wooded slopes offer a very nice walk in any season.

Tokoji Temple

Tokoji Temple: read a guide to Tokoji Temple in Hagi famous for its stone lanterns and tombs of the Mori clan.

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Taikodani Inari Shrine Tsuwano

Taikodani Inari: read a guide to Taikodani Inari Shrine in Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture, the fifth largest Inari Shrine in Japan.

Akama Shrine, Shimonoseki.

Akama Shrine Shimonoseki Yamaguchi

Akama Shrine is the foremost shrine in the Shimonoseki area and enshrines the Emperor Antoku, the 8-year-old Emperor drowned at the Battle of Dannoura 1185.