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oji zoo

Oji Zoo in Kobe

Oji Zoo is located in downtown Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. It offers young and old the opportunity to spend the day in a beautiful zoo!

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Maiko Park Hyogo

Maiko Koen (Maiko Park) in Hyogo Prefecture stands at the Honshu side of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which connects to Awaji across the Akashi Straits.

Jardin Sorakuen

Sorakuen Garden

In the center of the city of Kobe, the Sorakuen garden, which literally means “the pleasure of feeling good together”, is a Japanese-style garden open to the public since 1941.

The lights of Kobe Meriken Park.

Meriken Park

The park takes its name from the word 'America', pronounced Meriken by the Japanese during the Meiji era.

Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park

In Kobe, Suma Rikyu Park evokes the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city.

The interior of Nunobiki floral park in Kobe.


The city of Kobe is backed by the Rokko mountain range.