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Hozu River Cruise in Kyoto

Hozu River Boat Cruise

Take a traditional boat along the Hozu River to Arashiyama, a relaxing way to see this beautiful part of Kyoto.

Cycling in Japan

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

Exploring Kyoto on foot is good. Enjoying the charming streets and less visited areas, by bike is even better.

Three men driving each boat to the sheer force of their arms as well through the rapids and calmer stretches.

Down the Hozu River / Hozugawa Kudari

Travel down the Hozugawa to discover the landscapes of the Kyoto area, all in an enchanting setting.



Fifty minutes out of Ginkakuji, an easy walk up the hill, atop Mount Dimonji is a panoramic site of Kyoto valley and on a clear day, as far as Osaka...

Mount Hiei

Hiking Mount Hiei, Kyoto. Read a guide to walking and hiking Mount Hiei, the tallest mountain in Kyoto City.

Climbing Mount Atago Kyoto

Every July 31, Kyoto's Mount Atago, the second highest in Kyoto, witnesses a surge in the number of hikers. And nearly all of them do so at night.

Yoshidayama Kyoto

Yoshidayama Kyoto Remote Mountain Walk

Yoshidayama Kyoto - I spent a wonderful couple of hours wandering in the drizzle around the paths and lanes of Yoshidayama in Kyoto.