How to go to the doctor in Japan? 医者にかかる

  • Published on : 29/12/2019
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Un hôpital de Tokyo

A hospital in Tokyo

Dick Thomas Johnson

Being sick in Japan, all there is to know

You don't choose the day to fall ill or get injured... Here are some tips in case you have to deal with the Japanese medical services during your trip! Some useful vocabulary in Japanese, how to find an English-speaking or even French-speaking doctor, but also all the steps to get treatment: discover our practical guide.

Une pharmacie japonaise

A Japanese pharmacy


Au sein de l'hôpital

Within the hospital

Miki Yoshihito

Medicines in Japan


Be aware that the dosages are different in Japan. While we regularly take 1 gram tablets of paracetamol, the Japanese are content with 300 milligrams. Also, you won't have entire boxes of prescribed medication. When you go with your prescription to the pharmacy, you will be given the exact number of pills you need during your treatment and you will also be asked to complete a form to register for your first visit so that you know what treatment you have. taken.

Do not worry if you have not remembered the doctor's instructions, at the pharmacy you will be told exactly which stamp to take at which time of the day. Often pictures of the pills will even be printed on the prescription so as not to tangle the brushes.

Une ordonnance bien pratique

A handy prescription

Jeff Flickr

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