Passport or visa to go to Japan? パスポートとビザの違いとは ?

  • Published on : 07/01/2020
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Planes pass each other at Kansai airport


For each type of stay, its appropriate document

Business, education, or tourism, visitors to Japan can be diverse and varied as the documents necessary to enter Japan. Do I need a visa or do I qualify for a 90 Days visitor status without a visa? The requirements can vary depending on your nationality... No worries! Japan Experience will guide you through the steps to acquire the proper documents required to visit Japan! 


The passport: the ally of short stays in Japan

Whether it is to learn the language or to discover the archipelago, the American passport is sufficient to travel to Japan for up to 90 days without a visa. The passport must then be valid, and its owner must abide by the following conditions: no commercial activity on Japanese territory for the duration of the stay and provide proof of return flight itinerary within the 90 days permitted. 

A passport valid for more than three months is required.


  • The working holiday visa

Also called PVT (Working Holiday Permit), the working holiday visa allows young American people to stay in Japan for a maximum of one year. The main purpose of the trip will have to remain tourism here, but the PVT holder will nevertheless have the possibility of supplementing his finances by having the right to work less than 28 hours per week in Japan.

Chemins de randonnée du mont Fuji

Mount Fuji hiking trails


Apprendre le japonais au Japon grâce au visa étudiant

Learn Japanese in Japan with a Student Visa

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    Passeport OU visa?? Is there a Welcome Suica for children so they get discounted rates on the train/metro?

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