The different kinds of manga 漫画

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Une bande-dessinée pour tous les publics

Les mangas, ces "images dérisoires" comme le dit son étymologie, couvre un nombre de genres très large et s'adresse à presque tous les publics possibles du Japon. Du manga d'aventure pour adolescents aux histoires amoureuses homosexuelles en passant par des récits plus sombres et plus violents, il y en a pour tousles goûts.


"Kodomo" , which means "child" in Japanese means manga intended for children aged from 6 to 11 years old. The characters are very young and have entertaining adventures. Moral messages are also often integrated into the story.

Some manga of the genre can by their success expand their audience. Pokemon belongs to the latter category, just like Doraemon, whose main character has become famous in all age groups in Japan.


Doraemon, a very popular character in Japan.


Shonen nekketsu

The most famous kind of manga, Nekketsu, literally means "warm blood". It is a type of manga intended initially for adolescents. A young hero, often an orphan, is naive and voluntarily embarks on a great adventure during which he will fight for good and where each test will allow him to get stronger. This hero is usually accompanied by a group of friends, some of whom are first his first antagonists, with whom he goes through all his adventures. Manga, like Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto are among the most famous shonen nekketsu.

A thumbnail of Dragon Ball Z, probably the most popular manga in history.

A thumbnail of Dragon Ball Z, probably the most popular manga in history.


The shojo

Shojo is a type of manga created for a young female audience. The stories developed in this genre are often love stories, most of which take place in the school environment (middle school, high school). If the themes of adolescent life - friendship, school - are widely treated, there is a large part of shojo manga that use fantasy: the sub-genre of "magical girl". The manga Sailor Moon illustrates this style.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

The seinen

The meaning of seinen is "young man". Manga classified under this label is created for young men, though it is also popular with older men.

Golgo 13 is an archetypal type of the seinen style, with a professional assassin hero who officiates all over the world, always armed with his M-16 A2 rifle.

The cover of the third volume of "Golden Kamui", by Satoru Noda.

The cover of the third volume of "Golden Kamui", by Satoru Noda.

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