Where to take cooking classes in Japan?

When cultural discovery happens on the plate

Maki, Tempura, or even Okonomiyaki, all these dishes are emblematic of Japanese cuisine. A part of the culture that it is now possible to even if you don't speak Japanese since many cooking classes are open to foreign visitors! 

Il existe tout un tas de manières de prendre un cours de cuisine au Japon. Que ce soit à la maison du professeur ou dans une école professionnelle.

There are lots of ways to take a cooking class in Japan. Whether at the teacher's house or in a vocational school.

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To participate: just register on the application and apply for free membership in the groups that interest you. The prices and schedules of the lessons will then be communicated to you by the moderators, who generally organize the meetings at their homes in a friendly atmosphere.

The class closes with a dinner where the students can taste the fruit of their labor!

Meetup, une aide précieuse dans la recherche de cours de cuisine au Japon

Meetup, a great help in finding cooking classes in Japan


Airkitchen permet de rencontrer des passionnés de cuisine de tous les pays!

Airkitchen makes it possible to meet cooking enthusiasts from all countries!


Apprenez à cuisiner japonais comme à la maison !

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