Book Off, second-hand books ブックオフ

Books at a low price

The yellow Book Off sign thrones in the streets of many cities in Japan, becoming as iconic as restaurant chains such as Mos Burger or the king of discount Don Quijote!



The all-round cultural store

Book Off is a chain of stores selling second-hand cultural products, like the network of French bookshops Gibert Joseph.

Founded in Japan in 1991, it sells manga, books, CDs, other DVDs, video games, and game consoles. It is one of the rare economic successes of the archipelago during the "lost decade," which followed the bursting of the Japanese speculative bubble in the early 90s.

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A Book-Off store in Japan


A quality offer

The Book Off store offer is distinguished by the quality of the products, which are clean, perfectly preserved, and display little difference from new products. In addition, the prices defy all competition.

Many mangas are sold at around 300 yen ($2.50/2€), while some titles are even offered at about 100 yen (less than $1/1€). Manga is also sold in packs of 20~25, further reducing costs. Classic books are sold between 30 and 50% less than their new price.

Shelving in a Book-Off store


A substantial settlement

In 2018, Book Off had 807 stores at the archipelago level. It is not uncommon to find several chain establishments within the same city. Even beyond the example of Tokyo, where there are more than sixty stores, there are about ten Book Offs in Osaka, and a city the size of Kanazawa also has several.

Note that there is also 13 Book Off stores abroad, including two in Paris. One of them is located a few minutes' walk from the Japan Experience Tokyo office!

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Former Book-Off establishment, located in the Opéra district in Paris


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