Mountains in Japan 日本の山

  • Published on : 05/08/2020
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Mountains in Japan: skiing, hiking and sightseeing

Occupying more than 70% of the territory, mountains in Japan are omnipresent and there are few places from which it is impossible to admire them. For a long time considered as sacred by the Japanese, the mountains are for the most part still little impacted by tourism. Winter sports, hiking, camping... discover all that the Japanese mountains have to offer all year round!

The mountains in Japan in Summer

In summer, the altitude of the Japanese mountains allows to find some coolness, while at the foot, the heat is often intense, even suffocating in some regions. If the hot springs remain, in spite of the heat, very appreciated by the travelers, the mountains offer a whole panel of other activities such as trekking, hiking, visiting volcanoes, climbing, camping, etc.

Trekking in Japan: The best hikes to do 

It is very difficult to talk about hiking in Japan without mentioning Kamikôchi. Located in Chubu Sangaku National Park, Kamikochi Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Japan. Open to visitors from April to November, the valley is full of trails and can be enjoyed by young and experienced trekkers alike.

    Mountains in Japan

    To the north, on the island of Hokkaido , be sure to explore magnificent places such as Akan National Park , Mount Usu , or even Rishiri Island , in the far north of Japan.

    We advise trekking enthusiasts to go to the splendid Daisetsuzan National Park , very famous for its many hiking trails, which rise on average between 1,800 and 2,000 meters. The greatest concentration of trails is around the peaks of Asahi-dake and Tokachi-dake .


    Mount Asahi-dake in Daisetsuzan Park

    Wikimedia Commons, 663highland,


    Mount Aso in Kyushu

    Flickr, Thilo Hilberer,

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