The best ski resorts in Japan 日本一のスキー場

Where to go for skiing in Japan?

Almost 70% of Japanese land is covered by mountains and the best ski resorts listed amongst the world are right here making it a real paradise for skiers!


View of the Rusutsu slopes

Rusutsu ski resort


On the third step of the podium, there is still a Hokkaido resort: the Furano ski area. Located in the center of the island of Hokkaido, the resort enjoys a rich snow cover of 9 meters per year.

The 32 km ski area is divided into two areas: the Kitanomine area and the Furano area, both accessible from the town of Furano by shuttle bus.

Le Furano Ski resort

Le Furano Ski resort

Andrew K. Smith

Station de ski de Naeba à Hokkaidô

Naeba Ski Resort in Hokkaido

Wikimedia Commons

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