Karaoke, a mass leisure for Japanese music lovers カラオケ

  • Published on : 22/06/2020
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Try karaoke, the Japanese favorite pastime

In Japan, karaoke is more than just entertainment: it is a real institution, a mass hobby, and an extremely popular activity. Private rooms are everywhere, and not just in big cities. Check out the Karaoke scene in Japan, where it all started!



Here it spreads in the Archipelago in the 80s, meeting a huge success. Today, almost all Japanese practice karaoke, with colleagues or friends, to have a good time, or even to celebrate the signing of a contract. The country has around 10,000 establishments specializing in a business that generates 8 million euros per year. Karaoke is undoubtedly one of the favorite pastimes of young Japanese people.



Difficile de rater les karaokés Big Echo

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