Fukubukuro, Japanese surprise bags

Les fukubukuro

The fukubukuro


Discover the Japanese tradition of January 1st lucky bags

For many, winter is a long-awaited period and for good reason, it's the ganjitsu sales season, the January 1st sales! Lasting 2 to 3 weeks, the winter sales are indeed an important event for anyone looking for sale items in the form of fukubukuro, the Japanese surprise lucky bags!

The Fukubukuro, what are they?


Commonly called "lucky bag", fukubukuro are bags filled with "surprise" items that are displayed at the entrance to stores during the sales season.

Their purchase value depends on the brand and where they are sold, we do not know what is hidden inside... That said, we are always certain of one thing: the lucky bag is a real bargain!


Les lucky bags japonais

Japanese lucky bags

Flick/ Danny Cho

Les fukubukuro

People jostle on January 1 to hope to have lucky bags.


La folie des lucky bags devant les magasins de luxe

The madness of lucky bags in front of luxury stores


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