Japan's Most Unique Train Stations

  • Published on : 26/06/2022
  • by : Japan Experience

Extreme Underground and Elevated Train Stations

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  • Uzui Station (宇都井駅)

This elevated train station is located on a bridge that soars 30 meters in the air! Uzui Station can be found in the middle of Shimane prefecture, north of Hiroshima. Although this station sees an average of less than one passenger per day, this station has proved a point of interest to many who go out of their way to see it.

The station even held a light-up event in 2013!

  • Tosa-Kitagawa Station (土佐北川駅)

This station, in Kochi Prefecture in southern Shikoku, is another stunning station high up on a bridge, running over a river.This train line runs through many mountains, requiring a lot of bridges to form as straight a track as possible. 

It was impossible to build a ground-level train station anywhere near this area!

Japan's most unique train stations
Uzui Station is located on a 30-meter-high bridge
Tosa-Kitagawa is another stunning station on a bridge
Misashima Station is an impressive tunnel station
Tsutsuishi Station is another mountain station located in a tunnel
Doai Station is well-known for being 70 meters underground
A map of the stations

  • Tsutsuishi Station (筒石駅) 

This station is located inside a tunnel that goes through a mountain, but all station attendants and the actual station building are all above ground.

  • Doai Station (土合駅)  

Doai Station, in Gunma, west of Tokyo, is one of Japan's best-known underground stations.The stations runs 70 meters underground and is famous for its eerie ascent to ground level, pictured here.

The station has also been featured in a popular Japanese novel (and subsequent TV drama), and is actually a great spot for outdoor sports of all kinds!




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