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Kokura Station: Kokura Station in Kokura, the second largest station in all of Kyushu, is the main transportation hub for the city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, northern Kyushu. There are shinkansen, JR and monorail connections.

Kitakyushu Monorail Kokura Line

Kokura Station is the northern terminus of the Kitakyushu Monorail Kokura Line. Opened in 1985 and now consisting of 13 stations along its 8.8 kilometer route.

Originally it ended at what is now Heiwadori Station just 300 meters south of Kokura Station but was extended to Kokura Station in 1998. It is primarily used by commuters but can be useful for visitors.

Kokura Monorail

Monorail leaving Kokura Station

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