Sapporo Subway

Sapporo Subway the Sapporo Subway system has three lines and is a quick and easy way to get around the city.

which operates between Sakaemachi in Higashi-ku and Fukuzumi Station in Toyohira-ku, which is convenient for Sapporo Dome and Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill. 

The main intersecting station is Odori Station where all three lines intersect. Sapporo Station and Susukino are also important intersections linking the Toho and Namboku Lines. The Namboku Line was the first of Sapporo's subway lines to open in 1971 ahead of the 1972 Winter Olympics in the city.

Sapporo subway trains run on rubber tires on two steel tracks guided by a central rail, the only such system of its type in Japan. As a result the trains are quieter than traditional metros. The carriages are also the widest of all trains in Japan with the exception of the Shinkansen.

Sapporo Subway Train

Sapporo Subway Train


Streetcar in Sapporo

Streetcar in Sapporo

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