Wakayama Electric Railway 和歌山電鐵

  • Published on : 10/08/2022
  • by : Japan Experience
Wakayama Electric Railway

Wakayama Electric Railway (Dentetsu) is a private railway that runs from Wakayama city to Kishi in Kinokawa. The train line and especially Kishi Station has been made famous and become a tourist draw because of Tama-chan, the feline stationmaster.

The first is next to Nishizengu Station, and is actually two shrines, Hinokuma Jingu and Kunikagasu Jingu. Jingu means they have the highest ranking for shrines, and the legends trace them back to the origin of Japan and the ancient myth of the Sun Goddess hiding in a cave. This was the Ichinomiya, the highest ranked shrine, in Kii Province, the former name for Wakayama.

Set in extensive wooded grounds, the mood here is sombre and austere. A short walk from Kamayama Station is Kamayama Shrine, also connected to the ancient myths of the founding of the country.

In the corner of the property is a small burial mound and according to legend this is where the brother of the mythical first emperor Jimmu, was buried after a battle while on their way to settle in what is now the Nara Basin.

Like other shrines with connections to the imperial family the shrine is sedate and set in extensive woods. When I visited on a Sunday in spring there were Shinto weddings going on. A short walk from Idakiso Station, the only manned station on the line other than the two terminals, is Idakiso Shrine, set on a hillside not far from where the Kumano Kodo passes through.

The Wakayama Electric Railway
Wakayama City
Nichizengu Station, the stop for Hinokuma Jingu & Kunikagasu Jingu
Kamayama Station, gate to Izu peninsula
Idakiso Station, stop to visit the Idakiso Shrine
Kishi Station where you see Tama-Chan
The railway map of the Wakayama Electric Railway

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