8 reasons why Japan is an ideal destination for women traveling alone

Japan a preferred destination for women traveling alone


Without fear and without complex


Here is a list of the top reasons why Japan is a top destination for women traveling alone.



2. Transportation

Transport is safe, clean and punctual . Unless you find yourself in the middle of a typhoon or snowstorm, you can be sure to have your train or your plane on time (or almost). So, no endless waits in more or less busy stations. No phenomenal delay that makes you arrive in the middle of the night in an unknown place where no taxi is in sight.


3. Politeness and respect

In the Land of the Rising Sun, politeness and respect for others are innate . Tokyo is not only the safest city in the world, but it is also the most populated! However, there is never a rush in crowded places, especially in public transport where everyone goes out and enters patiently in turn. You won't have to struggle to get on a wagon! And if promiscuity frightens you, know that during rush hour, some railway or metro companies have cars reserved for women .



Voyager seule

In Japan, transport is safe, clean and punctual.


Femme voyageant seule au Japon

Woman traveling alone in Japan


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