Discover Kinosaki Onsen, the village with 7 hot springs 城崎温泉

A warm seaside resort perfect for relaxing

Famous for 7 mystical hot springs, Kinosaki Onsen is a village with more than 1,300 years of history and culture. Walk around the flowery alleys in yukata and give in to a traditional sweet between two onsen.

Ryokan and hot springs

Two hours and a half from Kyoto, in the north of Hyogo Prefecture bordering the Inland Sea of Japan, lies Kinosaki Onsen, a small hot spring town steeped in 1,300 years of history and culture. Well known for its seven mystical baths with great healing properties, each spring has its own charm. Kinosaki Onsen stands out from the many other hot spring towns by its remarkable architecture, which its inhabitants compare to a huge ryokan: the guest rooms are equivalent to inns, and the streets become the corridors that guests stroll through to go from bath to bath. If you feel like it, you can embark on the Kinosaki Onsen meguri, a Japanese term meaning onsen pilgrimage. Bathe in the 7 mystical baths of the village for an even more complete and relaxing experience.


Explore Kinosaki Onsen
Stroll through the city in a traditional yukata
Discover the city of // Kinosaki

The cherry trees of the coastal region of Takeno

With clear blue water and fine white sand, the Takeno area ranks among the top 100 most beautiful beaches in Japan, a peaceful gem located just 10 minutes by train from Kinosaki. Take the opportunity to explore the untouched countryside and swim while admiring the cherry trees that line the coast.

The cherry trees of the Kannabe highlands

Finally, if you arrive after the Kinosaki sakura bloom, head to the Kannabe Highlands instead. Dating back more than 25,000 years, after the eruption of the Mount Kannabe volcano,  these volcanic rocks offer a breathtaking view of the valley but also of the cherry blossoms which bloom there a little later and which can be admired until the end of April.


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