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Takachiho Shrine

At this famous shrine, the dance ritual known as kagura is still performed, the origins of which are shrouded in myth.

Honmyo-ji Temple Kumamoto

Honmyo-ji Temple: Honmyo-ji Temple in Kumamoto city in Kyushu is associated with Kato Kiyomasa, whose grave is here.

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Kumamoto Shrines

Kumamoto shrines: read a guide to the most important Shinto shrines in Kumamoto, Kyushu including Fujisaki Hachimangu, Kitaoka Shrine and Kato Shrine.

Ama no Iwato Shrine

Ama no Iwato Shrine: read a guide to Ama no Iwato Shrine in Takachiho, where Amaterasu, the sun goddess is said to have hidden.