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On the Nakasendô road in the Japanese countryside.

The Nakasendo Road


Walk the Nakasendo Road, once used by feudal governors, merchants and craftsmen of the Edo period (1603-1868) to connect Tokyo and Kyoto inland.


Korankei Valley

Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan, has the image of an industrial town without charm. Still, only a few kilometers away are the magnificent gorges of Korankei.

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Beaches Around Nagoya

Read a guide to beaches near Nagoya to enjoy swimming and marine sports at Utsumi, Gamagori, Sakushima and Himakajima.


Utsumi's Chidorigahama Beach on the south west tip of the Chita Peninsula in Aichi, south of Nagoya, is a very popular beach resort in summer.

Blue Sun Beach

Blue Sun Beach in Shinmaiko on the Chita Peninsula is the nearest beach to Nagoya city and popular with windsurfers.

Mount Ontake

Mount Ontake Hiking Gifu

Mount Ontake on the borders of Gifu and Nagano prefectures is Japan's second highest volcano after Mt. Fuji at 3,067m and Japan's 14th highest mountain.

Ena Gorge

Ena Gorge Gifu Prefecture

Ena Gorge near Ena in Gifu Prefecture is known for its stunning scenery. The gorge dates from the dam of fast flowing Kiso River in the Taisho Period.