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A deer laying on grass in a zoo enclosure

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park is the oldest zoo in Japan.


Visiting Odaiba with children

Odaiba has been transformed, a small fortress in Tokyo Bay, built in 1853, has been transformed into a man-made island entirely dedicated to entertainment and relaxation. Today, Odaiba is a family-

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Moomin Valley Park

Moomin Valley Park in Hann Saitama Prefecture is a theme park dedicated to the Moomin characters created by Tove Jansson (1914-2001) and popular in Japan.

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan Park

In Osaka, the huge Universal Studios Japan theme park gives pride of place to the most famous franchises of the prestigious Universal film studios.

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Tokyo Top Five Pools

A guide to five of Tokyo's best swimming pool complexes, indoor and outdoor, that include lots of fun water-related activities and entertainment, ideal for the hot summer months.


Nifrel animal park

Aquarium, zoo, museum… Nifrel is all of these.


Anpanman Museum and Mall

During your stay in Kobe, treat yourself to a family outing in the fantasy world of Anpanman; an adorable vigilante who has been delighting young Japanese for several decades.

Kobe animal kindgom

Kobe Animal Kingdom

In Kobe, the Kobe Animal Kingdom animal park invites you to discover plants and animals in peace. Visitors can approach the animals in their respective worlds.

Celebrate Halloween in Tokyo with children

Halloween is a real event in Japan! Between the specially decorated stores and the many theme nights organized for the over 18s, it's now almost impossible to miss!

Zoo de Tama

Tama Zoo

Less than an hour from Shinjuku, the Tama animal park offers young and old the opportunity to meet animals from all over the world through 4 large areas.

L'entrée du Pokémon Center d'Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Pokemon Center

Pokemon Center, Mecca of Pokemon, dedicated to the fans of the Pokemon universe, is at the Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.


Machida Squirrel Garden

A few kilometers from Tokyo, the Machida Squirrel Garden or Machida risuen welcomes young and old to discover little balls of fur.

Montagnes russes et mont Fuji

Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, located in Fujiyoshida, will give you mountains of thrills with fabulous attractions, to send you into the air or give you big scares.

PomPomPurin Cafe

PomPomPurin, the little yellow dog created by Sanrio group, now has three cafes in Tokyo. Discover the original, located on Takeshita-dori in the heart of Harajuku.

In Tokyo Bay, Disney Sea binds its attractions to the sea and Japan.

Top 10 Disney Park Attractions in Tokyo

Don't want to waste two hours (or more!) waiting in line for an attraction that isn't really worth it?

Le café Barbapapa

Café Barbapapa

Since 2015, the gigantic Aeon Laketown shopping center in Saitama has been home to Café Barbapapa, a small café in the colors of the adorable French creatures.

Nagashima Spa Land

For a day out that will delight the whole family, enjoy Nagashima Spa Land: a huge amusement park and water park near Nagoya!

Un enfant se balade avec les kangourous

Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu Animal Kingdom is the perfect place if you're tired of classic zoos.

The Moomin Cafe, not far from Tokyo Dome, a curious companion keeps company singles.

The Moomin Bakery & Cafe

Located in LaQua Mall near Korakuen Railway Station, Moomin Bakery & Cafe is one of Tokyo's most popular themed cafes. The reason for its success?

Kamo Aquarium


Refurbished in 2014, Kamo Aquarium contains the largest variety of jellyfish in the world.


Le château du Tokyo Disneyland

Visit Tokyo Disneyland, an extraordinary amusement park

Interested in spending a day in an amusement park in Tokyo? Tokyo hosts a few amazing amusement parks but if you ask us, Disneyland remains the most popular destination!

The new Legoland park in Nagoya

The capital of Chubu has the honor of hosting Legoland Japan, which opened on April 1st 2017.

Himeji Central Park

Himeji: there's the castle, of course... but also a zoo, which offers a safari experience as well as an amusement park and nautical center.

Nikko Edomura, a Historical Theme Park

Not far from the majestic temples of Nikkô, and its onsen (hot springs), is Edomura Nikko, a theme park that offers an immersion into the Edo era (1600-1868) of Japan.

The present Miraikan Tsunagari, a huge globe suspended in the air on several levels.

Museums in Tokyo for the Whole Family

Tourists rarely think of visiting Japan with children, but fortunately, Tokyo is full of museums for the whole family!

In Tokyo Bay, Disney Sea binds its attractions to the sea and Japan.

Tokyo Disney Sea

In the long line of Disney theme parks, Tokyo Disney Sea is an exception due to it linking its attractions to the sea and thus, to Japan.

Enoshima Aquarium

Here sardines dance, but they are not canned. Dolphins, penguins, sharks... the underwater life here is in no way inferior to life on land.

The giant pool of Kyoto Aquarium contains 500 tons of water.

Kyoto Aquarium

Smaller than its cousins ​​from Osaka and Miyajima , Kyoto Aquarium is home to over 250 species and 15 000 specimens, grouper shark through the jellyfish.

Dolphins are the stars of Park aquatic life Suma (Kobe)

Suma Aqualife Park

Kobe, as a large city on the water, had to have an aquarium worthy of the name.

Kodomo no Shiro, the Children's Castle

The wonderful Children's Castle closed recently after 30 years of good and loyal service to their Majesties, the little children.

The Ueno Zoo was the first zoo in Japan receive a pair of Chinese panda.

Ueno Zoo

The oldest zoo in Japan proves to be a key component of the Sino-Japanese diplomacy.

Cabs Purikura photo booths no Mecca of Shibuya, more fun and playful than our classic photo booth.

Purikura No. Mecca

The purikura, Japanese photobooths, prove to be a fun experience worth trying.

Puroland Sanrio, Tokyo, is the realm of the World mascot Hello Kitty.

Sanrio Puroland

The innocence of this little white kitten has conquered the world! Since the 1970s, Hello Kitty has been an instantly recognisable brand worldwide.

The Dome Gaia at the Museum of Science and Innovation Miraikan (Tokyo)

Explorers in short trousers

The Japanese capital has a host of original activities for children. Offer them a playground they will not forget!

All toy presented by the toy museum in Tokyo can be tried by small and larger.

Tokyo Toy Museum

Housed in a former elementary school, the Tokyo Toy Museum offers play areas that will delight children of all ages.

Marina Hop

Marina Hop

If the rest of the city went underwater but the entertainment area was saved, Marina Hop would be fine.

Chupea Pool

Chupea Pool

A few kilometers from the center of Hiroshima, the open air pool complex Chupea Pool enchants its swimmers.

Umeda Joypolis

Fancy a fun break? To challenge yourself? To beat your companion or a young Japanese guy who was wandering around the mall? Get in the arena!

Tennoji Zoo

Tennoji Zoo

Reproduction of the natural habitat, respect for the environment and animals, are the commandments of Tennoji Zoo, established in Osaka almost a century ago.

Kids Plaza

Kids Plaza

Half-museum, half-playground, Kids Plaza seems to be a paradise for children.

In the aisles of Toy Hakuhinkan Park, impossible not to crack on lint from Studio Ghibli.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Any family with children cannot avoid it. The Hakuhinkan Toy Park is a paradise for young and old fans of goodies, playing cards and giant stuffed toys.

Okinawa World & Gyokusendo Cave

Okinawa World: read a guide to Okinawa World south of Naha which features Kingdom Village, Gyokusendo Cave and the Habu Center.

Kyoto Studio Park

Tôei Uzumasa Eigamura (Kyoto Studio Park)

Japanese-style amusement park, Kyoto Studio Park takes you back in time to the Edo period, renewing the sense of fun with a touch of history.