Donburi: the unique Japanese dish

  • Published on : 01/04/2020
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Discover the best Donburi recipes and the best restaurants

Rice and a garnish: this is a simple, hearty, and accommodating dish that can be served universally from one end of the to the other. What are these toppings?

It was a very popular dish among the theater buffs. Kabuki, , kyogen, are forms of Japanese theater that last for long hours. It was customary for the audience to bring a snack and the una-don was the ideal dish: it was not only tasty but also convenient to take out food. With the rising popularity of this dish, una-don stalls multiplied, and the rest is history...

Later, during the Meiji era (1868-1912), the ingredients diversified and became what is known as Donburi-mono today! 



Un délicieux unadon



Donburi au nom cynique, l'oyadon est constitué d'oeuf et de poulet.

Gyudon seasoned with shichimi

Gyudon seasoned with shichimi

verygreen, Flickr

Where to eat a donburi?


Basically, everywhere... popular and inexpensive, donburis are served in countless restaurants. It's very easy to find and often costs less than 1000 yen (around $8.50/7.50€).

Here are some famous restaurants:


Tendon, a tempura donburi

Tendon, a tempura donburi


Servi sur un bol de riz et recouvert d’œufs et d’oignons verts, le tonkatsu devient katsudon.

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