The origins of Hanami 花見の歴史

  • Published on : 28/02/2022
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Cherry trees in Japan, a whole story...

Hanami is a custom that dates back to ancient times. Here's a look back at the history of an emblematic cultural phenomenon of Japan!

The democratization of hanami

Later, wealthy merchants did the same. This is the shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune who planted cherry trees in Tokyo on the banks of the Sumida river and around the temple Senso-ji in the early eighteenth century. The common people were then allowed to celebrate under the flowering trees. However, it wasn't until the end of the Edo period that ordinary Japanese people could also go under the cherry blossoms at night!

Under the pink petals of cherry blossom, it is good picnic.

Under the pink petals of cherry blossom, it is good picnic.


Tokyo under the cherry blossoms

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