New places to discover in Japan in 2024

Will you be traveling to Japan this year? Dive into an enchanting journey through new places to discover.

1/ Studio Ghibli Park

The park consists of several themed areas based on iconic films such as Sprited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, as well as restaurants, souvenir stores, and other facilities inspired by the studio's creative universe.

The second part of Studio Ghibili Park, scheduled to open on March 16, 2024, promises to expand the magical experience for fans of the iconic studio's films. This extension will include The Valley of the Witches, inspired by several of Studio Ghibli's films, such as Laputa: Castle in the Sky ( opened last November), but also Kiki's Delivery Service and Earwig and the Witch .

Panneau du parc Studio Ghibli

2/ Teamlab Borderless

TeamLab Borderless invites visitors to plunge into a unique sensory journey, where each interaction transcends the limits of the imagination, offering an adventure where reality and the virtual merge in masterful fashion.

After a two-year hiatus this must-see venue moved to Azabudai Hills in autumn, inviting art enthusiasts and the art curious to prepare for a breathtaking sensory experience.

In this labyrinth of works of art, Teamlab Borderless offers you a journey into another universe. 

oeuvres de Teamlab borderless

3/ Nintendo Museum

Japan, the country that gave birth to some of the video game industry's most emblematic icons, has just inaugurated a one-of-a-kind cultural gem, the Nintendo Museum, formerly known as the Nintendo Gallery. Located in the heart of Kyoto, a city steeped in tradition and history, the museum offers visitors an immersive dive into the colorful and captivating world of Nintendo.

The Nintendo Museum will make its grand return in March 2024, not too far away! Through gameplay demonstrations and multimedia installations, the Nintendo Museum promises to please, while honoring the legacy of a company that shaped the interactive entertainment industry.

4/ Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai

Have you heard about Tokyo' s newest hot spot? The Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai has just opened its doors, on February 1 , 2024, and it's packing a punch! Nestled on the artificial island of Toyosu, a district of Kōtō, where the famous Tsukiji fish market unveiled its delicious treasures, just on the outskirts of the city, this brand-new spot is bursting with charm, with its wooden buildings and Edo-era-inspired ibushi tiles . Expect an explosion of flavors with a multitude of restaurants and stores offering fresh seafood and other quality ingredients direct from Toyosu. And to top it all off, a 24-hour spa awaits you for ultimate relaxation.

stand de poisson dans un marché

5/ Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado

Prepare to be amazed! In 2024, Tokyo' s famous Harajuku district is set to welcome a new icon: Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado. Scheduled to open in the near future, this building promises to be much more than just a shopping mall. Inspired by the electrifying energy of Harajuku street fashion, from established designer brands to new emerging talents, every corner of this shopping center will reflect the diversity of Japanese fashion culture.

Whether you're looking for the latest trends or simply curious to explore, Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado promises to be THE place to be for all fashion lovers.

Quartier de Harajuku

6/ Immersive Fort Tokyo

Thrill-seekers and tactical challenges! In 2024, Tokyo will play host to a unique experience: Immersive Fort Tokyo. Immerse yourself in a virtual reality world where action and adventure combine to create a breathtaking gaming experience. Located in the heart of the city, this revolutionary entertainment center will push back the boundaries of the imagination. Whether you're a gaming veteran or a thrill-seeking novice, Immersive Fort Tokyo offers an unparalleled immersive experience. With state-of-the-art facilities and epic battle simulations, you'll be transported to fantastical worlds where only your courage and skill will make the difference. Get ready for an epic adventure in the heart of Tokyo.

immersion dans une réalité virtuelle

7/ Disneyland Tokyo

In 2024, Tokyo Disney Sea, Disneyland Tokyo's second park, will undergo a magical transformation with the arrival of new legendary heroes to storm the park's brand-new port: Fantasy Springs. This port will feature 3 mini-ports (not "land", like Epcot), inspired by the animated features of Frozen , Tangled, and Peter Pan with their enchanted worlds, these iconic characters promise to bring an extra touch of enchantment to the Disney Sea experience
This theme park offers visitors unforgettable adventures in an enchanting setting, with characters carved in stone right from the eccentric entrance, attractions, and souvenir stores.

Entrée du Disneyland de Tokyo

8/ Universal Studio Osaka

Universal Studio Japan, located in Osaka, is a sensational theme park offering an immersive cinematic experience. Since its opening in 2001, it has attracted millions of visitors with attractions and shows inspired by the greatest films and TV series .

It's newest attraction is dedicated to none other than the legendary Donkey Kong Country. Inspired by the colorful and captivating world of the beloved video game, this expansion promises a thrilling adventure for fans of all ages. Venture into the exotic jungle, where you can defy the wildest challenges and experience unforgettable moments.

jeux de Donkey Kong

9/ Teamlab Future Park Okinawa

Technology and art enthusiasts are in for a treat with the long-awaited opening of TeamLab Future Park Okinawa, scheduled for 2023 ! Immerse yourself in an immersive universe where the magic of technology meets artistic creativity. Nestled in the heart of Okinawa's enchanting island region, this park promises an unparalleled sensory experience for visitors of all ages. Imagine exploring dazzling digital worlds, interacting with interactive installations and even creating your own digital art! TeamLab Future Park Okinawa will be much more than a simple attraction, but a genuine invitation to push back the boundaries of the imagination. Join this experience to create magical memories.

expérience du Teamlab future park à Okinawa

10/ Animate Ikebukuro

Good news for anime fans! Animate Ikebukuro, one of the world's largest anime stores, recently reopened its doors in 2023, following a spectacular renovation. On its ten floors, visitors can now discover a wide range of offerings, with a multitude of merchandise, special exhibitions and much more. In famous manga One Piece fashion, "The adventure is just beginning!" This transformation makes Animate Ikebukuro a must-see for all otaku culture enthusiasts visiting Japan. Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit Animate Ikebukuro in all its renewed splendor!

Animate à iKebukuro

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