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Des Ă©ventails, souvenir artisanal made in Kyoto.

What are the souvenirs to bring back from Kyoto?

Kyoto, its temples, its landscapes ... but that's not all! Make room in your suitcases and go shopping. Here are our tips on what souvenirs and gifts to buy in Kyoto.

La vitrine de Zohiko


Located in the heart of Kyoto, the Zohiko store has been offering lacquers of exceptional quality for more than 350 years.


The streets of Shinmonzen, Furumonzen and Shinbashi

Right next to Gion, the famous geisha district, a paradise for collectors can be found: several quiet streets which are full of traditional Japanese arts and crafts boutiques.

Choosing and Buying Ceramics in Japan

How do you decide which Japanese ceramics to purchase when you know almost nothing or nothing at all?

Strike a Pose in Kimono

Capture your honeymoon in Japan amongst the wonders of Kyoto wearing a sumptuous kimono!

Ichihara Heibei ShĂ´ten

Ichihara Heibei ShĂ´ten

Yes, size matters. The ideal length of the chopsticks is the equivalent to one and half times the distance between the thumb and forefinger.

Hyakumanben market


Near the University of Kyoto, in this student district students, on the fifteenth of each month, along the tree-lined paths of Chion-in, is held one of the three main markets of the city.

Hirata, who sells bamboo blind


Sudare, bamboo blinds gently filter sunlight through windows and the wind brushes past them entering Japanese interiors.



A unique store of "specialized fashion", Hanjiro seduces the young with the diversity of the clothing it offers and its reasonable prices.

Fujimoto Saiundo

Fujimoto Saiundo

Looking for an original gift? A quaint souvenir? The old-fashioned store run by the Fujimoto couple as an introduction to the art of Nihon-ga, traditional Japanese painting.

Fuji Daimaru

Fuji Daimaru

Near Kawaramachi Station is one of the largest depato (abbreviation department store, shopping center) in Kyoto, Fuji Daimaru.

Cosmetics store Chidoriya


In the former capital more than anywhere elsewhere, revamped traditional skincare and beauty products, have a certain attraction for the young and the not so young.



A bright store window filled with beautiful things; ukiyo-e (traditional prints), prints on wood, shin-hanga (an artistic movement that modernized print styles), books and other p

Book-Off Kyoto

Book-Off at Sanjo Keihan Station

Thanks to the this famous Japanese secondhand store, Book-Off, local music has almost no secrets for novices.

Pâtisserie des Rêves

La Patisserie des RĂŞves

The talented French pastry chef Philippe Conticini, known in France for his delicious Paris-Brest pastries, has exported his know-how of flavors, and his talent for evoking childhood memories throu



The best, warm, soft and resistant clothes ... with Japanese technology as a bonus!



Imposing by its size and the impressive number of shops and restaurants, Avanti, which is accessible from Kyoto station, will delight shopaholics.



No one can ignore the elegant walk of Japanese ladies hidden under their parasols when the sun comes out. Tsujikura makes it possible to bring back a fleeting image as a souvenir.



Every apprentice warrior seeks the ideal equipment. Tozando store specializing in martial arts, leads curious visitors on the route of the sword.

Tessaido shop prints.


Discover the shelves of this fabulous store between prints displaying the graceful curves of women or undulating landscapes of Japan and stylized paintings with a priceless cachet, you will find s



How writers, poets, and painters have raved about the beauty of Japanese women: their velvety skin as white as milk, fluid and smooth their hair cascading over their neck...

The depatĂ´ Isetan located in Kyoto Station extends over 13 floors.


In the Kyoto station , this complex avant-garde glass architecture built in 1997 by architect Hiroshi Hara, the depatĂ´ - Japanese department store - Isetan totaled thirteen floors.



Teramachi street is full of perfect souvenirs to remember your stay in Japan long after you've returned.

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Kyoto Shopping

Kyoto shopping: read a guide to shopping in Kyoto including the department stores of Shijo Kawaramachi, Nishiki, Kyoto Station and Kitayama Dori.

Kyoto Handicraft Center

Kyoto Handicraft Center: read a guide to the Kyoto Handicraft Center, a one-stop emporium for Kyoto arts and crafts in Okazaki, Kyoto.

Kitchen Garden bio shop

Kitchen Garden

Japanese cuisine is particularly based on the quality of its ingredients, then arranged aesthetically. Organic ingredients are the key to its quality and culinary art form. 


Street Shinkyogoku


The quintessential street filled with souvenir shops, the best buys aren't in Shinkyogoku, but it's where all the country's middle and high school students visit on a school trip to Kyoto.

Cave Ebina


Upon arrival, Ebina-san is happy to help you find the bottles of wine you need for a long stay in Kyoto .

Shop Nintendo Wanpaku


Kyoto, the city of Nintendo and other video game companies, has the minimum to satisfy gamers .

Bookstore Keibunsha


In Kei Bunsha, books invite us to rethink the practice of reading; in the face of silent texts, only images bring meaning...

Kyoto Design House

Running out of inspiration? Kyoto Design House happens to be the perfect place to shop for some of the city's iconic trinkets, when the lack of gift ideas comes.

Green market Sisam


The "handmade" market stalls at Chion-ji feature Southeast Asian clothing that is perfect for the hot and humid summer of Kyoto.



Enclosed in a metallic structure with momiji motifs, the autumnal colored maple leaves, the Sfera building, and its minimalist interior play the figureheads of modernism in the la

Boutique incense LISN


LISN, a brand of Shoyeido, a three-hundred-year-old company, opened its incense shop in 2004.

Shop Ikawa Tateguten

Sliding doors: Ikawa Tategu-ten

In how many books films, the shoji, those sliding wooden doors whose paper walls delicately filter the rays of the sun, have made themselves accomplices in murders and coh

Bronzes Nakajima shop


A budding collector? Are you looking for a beautiful old piece to decorate your little home? Run into the shop of Mr.

Jusan-ya shop comb


Malleable, revealing and symbolic, hair is the expression of art applied to the body. In the heart of Kyoto, a family has been making real hair Stradivarius for five generations.

Cutlery Aritsugu


As sharp as a sword, Japanese kitchen knives(hĹŤchĹŤ) reflect quality and expertise second to none. The spirit of the blade reflects the heart of the person using it.



A specialist in Japanese teas, Ippodo aims to introduce to the public the subtleties of a divine and delicate brew.

Morita Wagami

Morita Wagami

Literally "paper paradise", this shop in the Shimogyo district offers a wide selection of traditional papers of all kinds.

Konjaku Nishimura

Konjaku Nishimura

A traditional textile shop on Shinmonzen-dori in the heart of the Gion district, Konjaku Nishimura, offers a spectacular collection of antique clothing such as a k



On the corner of two pedestrian streets, a traditional old building with wooden panelling stands illuminated by light from the inside, and catches the eye...

Kyoto Design House.

Kyoto Design House Japanese Crafts

Kyoto Design House should be a port of call for all visitors to Kyoto interested in buying and taking home a Japanese craft item at a reasonable price.