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Kappabashi: Tokyo's Kitchen Town for Restaurant Supplies and Unique Souvenirs

Nestled between Tokyo's popular Ueno and Asakusa districts, Kappabashi is a bustling shopping street known for its extensive array of restaurant supplies, kitchenware, and quirky food-theme

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Okachimachi: A Vibrant Shopping Hub in the Heart of Tokyo

Nestled in the bustling heart of Tokyo, Okachimachi is a unique shopping district that captivates visitors with its lively atmosphere and diverse offerings.

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Minakami Onsen & Takaragawa Onsen: A guide to Japan's serene hot spring retreats

Nestled in the mountains of northern Gunma Prefecture, Minakami Onsen and Takaragawa Onsen offer a blissful escape into Japan's renowned hot spring culture.

Discovering the Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba, Tokyo

The impressive life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue is a must-see attraction in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Oedo antique market: discovering Japan's largest outdoor antique fair

The Oedo antique market is the largest outdoor antique market in Japan, attracting a wide range of visitors including a growing number of international tourists.

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Kita Senju guide: exploring the historic Edo-period post town in northern Tokyo

Nestled in the Adachi Ward of northern Tokyo, Kita Senju is a district with a rich history as a former Edo-period post town.

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Fuchu Guide: Discover the Spiritual and Historical Wonders of Western Tokyo

Nestled in western Tokyo, metropolitan Tokyo's Fuchu is a hidden gem that often escapes the radar of tourists.

Sumida River: Exploring Tokyo's iconic waterway

The Sumida River is one of Tokyo's most iconic and historically significant rivers, winding its way for 27 kilometers through the heart of the city.

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Aoyama, Tokyo: An elegant guide to shopping, dining and culture

Flanked by the trendy hubs of Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi, the chic streets of Aoyama and Omotesando offer a sophisticated respite for well-heeled shoppers and culture seekers.

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Ningyocho Guide: Discover Tokyo's Hidden Gem

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo's Chuo ward, Ningyocho is a charming district that offers a unique glimpse into the city's rich history and traditional culture.

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Kokubunji Guide Tokyo: Exploring the Hidden Gem of Western Tokyo

Nestled on the western outskirts of metropolitan Tokyo, Kokubunji is a charming city that offers a perfect blend of history, nature, and modern living.

Discover the Tokyo suburb of Chofu: outdoor adventures, cultural gems, and family fun

Just a short train ride west of central Tokyo lies the delightful suburb of Chofu, a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions and outdoor recreation

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Discover Tachikawa: A vibrant city on Tokyo's western edge

Tachikawa is a city of 180,000 located on the western outskirts of Tokyo.

Sangenjaya: Uncovering Tokyo's hidden gem

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, Sangenjaya, affectionately known as "Sancha" by locals, is a neighborhood that often flies under the radar of tourists.

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Exploring Hachioji: A Hidden Gem in Western Tokyo

Nestled in the foothills of the Okutama Mountains, Hachioji is a charming western suburb of Tokyo, often overlooked by tourists.

Kameido Guide: Exploring the Charming Shitamachi Neighborhood in Tokyo

Nestled in Tokyo's Koto Ward, Kameido is a vibrant district that effortlessly blends traditional shitamachi charm with modern amenities.

Omoide Yokocho: a lively and nostalgic alley in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tucked away near the bustling West Exit of Shinjuku Station, Omoide Yokocho is a warren of narrow alleys that transports visitors to a different era.

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Jinbocho: Tokyo's literary haven and book lover's paradise

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Jinbocho stands as a literary oasis for bibliophiles and intellectuals alike.

Quai Yamanote à Uguisudani

Uguisudani, Tokyo's little-known railway station, between history and leisure

Located in Tokyo's Taito district, Uguisudani station is often regarded as a mere stopover between Ueno and Nippori stations. Yet this district is brimming with history and surprising activities.

Exploring the Charming Neighborhood of Kuramae in Tokyo

Nestled between the tourist hotspot of Asakusa and the more gritty Asakusabashi, Kuramae is a quaint neighborhood in Tokyo that offers a unique blend of history, traditional craftsmanship, and cont

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Shimbashi: Discover the historic and lively district in the heart of Tokyo

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Shimbashi is a district in Minato ward that effortlessly blends rich history, vibrant nightlife, and a diverse culinary scene.

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Tokyo Bay Aqua Line: A marvel of engineering connecting Kanagawa and Chiba

The Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, also known as the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway, is a remarkable feat of engineering that spans Tokyo Bay, connecting Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture to Kisarazu in Chiba Prefect


Shimbashi station: the complete guide to easy travel in Tokyo

In the heart of Tokyo's Minato district, Shimbashi station is a major rail hub, served by numerous lines.

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Exploring Okubo, Tokyo's vibrant Koreatown

Nestled in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo, lies Okubo, a neighborhood that has transformed into a bustling Koreatown over the past few decades.

Hachijō island: A subtropical paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers

Situated 287 km south of Tokyo in the Philippine Sea, Hachijō island is a stunning volcanic island that is part of the Izu island chain and the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

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Koenji: exploring Tokyo's retro and bohemian neighborhood

Tucked away in western Tokyo, Koenji is a neighborhood that marches to the beat of its own drum.

Azabudai Hills complex

Azabudai Hills: Japan's tallest building blends commerce and culture

The newest addition to the Mori JP Development Project roster of skyscrapers in Tokyo, Azabudai Hills, stands as the current tallest building in Japan, only being eclipsed by Tokyo Skytre

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Discovering the unique blend of cultures in Fussa, a charming city in western Tokyo

Nestled in the western part of Tokyo, Fussa is a captivating city that effortlessly blends American and Japanese cultures.

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Geihinkan Akasaka Palace: A grand state guest house in Tokyo

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, the Geihinkan Akasaka Palace stands as a magnificent testament to Japan's architectural prowess and diplomatic importance.

Different reflections from mirrors above an escalator in Omotesando

Omotesando: Tokyo's luxury shopping boulevard and architectural wonder

Omotesando is a tree-lined avenue that stretches from Harajuku to Aoyama in Tokyo's Shibuya district.

Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Ochanomizu: Exploring Tokyo's historic tea water district

Ochanomizu is a historic neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan, known for its association with the Shogun's tea during the Edo period, its vibrant music and sports equipment scene, and its proximity to majo

Fontaine de la Fraternité Magique

Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo

Follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter, and explore the wonders of the Wizarding World at the new Warner Bros. studios in Tokyo!

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Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo Disneyland in Tokyo Disney Resort is the world's most visited theme park. Tokyo Disneyland is located in Chiba a short journey from Tokyo Station.

2 femmes devant les illuminations de Noël

Top 5 of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Tokyo

In Tokyo, Christmas and its festivities have managed to find their place to become real unmissable events.

Vue en hauteur de Tokyp

5 views of Tokyo available for free

With its countless buildings, its two towers, and Mount Fuji in the background, Tokyo from the sky is a treat for the eyes as well as for the heart.

Mont Takao

Mountain hikes near Tokyo

Not far from the capital, there are some nice hikes to do in a day to escape Tokyo's crowds and neon lights. Mount Takao is the most famous, but there are many others ...

Cherry blossom "Sakura" in Meguro, Tokyo

Cherry blossoms along the water in Tokyo

There is no right or wrong way to view cherry blossoms, sakura, in Japan. However, there as some preferred spots in each region and city.

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Tokyo Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

See a listing of Tokyo's best cherry blossom viewing spots including Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen and the moats of Edo Castle.

The New National Stadium in Tokyo

The National Stadium is a sports complex located in Kasumigaoka, Tokyo.

In the district of Tokyo Station, the former Imperial Palace, residence of the shogun became the residence of the emperor and his family.

Tokyo Imperial Palace 皇居

The Imperial Palace, or Kokyo, is centrally located in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, very near Tokyo Station. Kokyo is home to the Emperor of Japan and his family, and is where Edo Castle once stood.

Exterior of Nezu Museum Tokyo

Nezu Museum

The 7,000 works from the collection of Kaichiro Nezu are exhibited within an oasis of peace and greenery, a few minutes from Omotesando.

Buildings with shops and store around Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway, Tokyo

Nakano, or Nakano Broadway, in Tokyo is a temple for otaku, Japanese pop-culture superfans, where you will find manga, anime, figurines and robots.

Trees in front of high buildings in Akasaka in Tokyo


Between its embassies and its excellent restaurants, Akasaka, located North of Roppongi, is one of the most exclusive areas in Tokyo.




One stop from Shibuya, the Daikanyama area brings together fashion boutiques, terraces, restaurants and bookstores. The perfect place to explore and escape the excesses of the capital.

Traditional looking street in Kawagoe, with clock tower in the background


Discover Japanese history through architecture, from the time of the Tokugawa shogun to warehouses from the Meiji period and the architecture of the Taisho era.

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome

What city can boast having an impressive stadium, an amusement park and a spa with natural hot springs, all in one location and in the center of the city? Tokyo of course! 

Pond with stone lantern on the edge and trees in the background

Kokyo, Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, or Kokyo, is centrally located in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, very near Tokyo Station. Kokyo is home to the Emperor of Japan and his family, and is where Edo Castle once stood.

city view of Roppongi Tokyo


Roppongi is well known for its nightlife. As well as it’s nightlife it offers excellent shopping, dining and museums for visitors to enjoy. 


Exterior of Tokyo Internation Forum

Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum is a vast convention center, concert venue and exhibition space in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo, bordering the lively Yurakucho area, near Tokyo S

Bus in the middle of a small busy street in Tokyo


Kichijoji gets a passing mention in most guidebooks for Inokashira Koen, a park celebrated for its spring cherry blossom viewing.

Surnommée la petite Edo, Kawagoe jouant un rôle important dans le commerce et les décisions économiques liées à Tokyo.

Kawagoe, journey to the Edo period

From buildings linked to the famous Tokugawa shoguns, warehouses from the Meiji era, passing through the typical constructions of the Taisho era, stroll through the stree

La ruelle piétonne Takeshita-dori dans le quartier de Harajuku

Harajuku, the fashion district of Tokyo

Frequently visited by young people in their trendsetting clothing, Harajuku is a continually evolving area where excentric fashion meets luxury stores and vintage stores.

Admirer les hydrangeas à Tokyo

Where to admire hydrangeas in Tokyo?

Emblematic flowers of the rainy season, hydrangeas, or "ajisai " in Japanese, herald the arrival of summer and the end of spring.

La gare Takanawa Gateway sur la Yamanote Line au sud de Tokyo

Takanawa Gateway Station

Takanawa Gateway is the 30th station of the JR Yamanote Line. Designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, its construction began in February 2017.

Tokyo: the Ginza district

High-end boutique addicts love the chic and shocking district of Ginza. Enthusiasts of contemporary architecture come to admire buildings tending to an innovative perfection of lines and shapes.

The kamiramon, thunder gate marks the entrance to the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa (Tokyo).

Asakusa district

One of the capital's most popular districts, both tourists and locals shop here before going to Senso-ji temple.

En plus du parc et du zoo, le quartier de Ueno est rempli de temples et de sanctuaires.

Ueno: a district and a park with a thousand facets

Walks in the fresh air or visiting museums: you can spend more than a day discovering the magnificent park and the popular Ueno district, which is home to one of the largest markets in the

La charmante petite ville hors du temps de Sawara, dans la préfecture de Chiba

Discover the Chiba prefecture and its beaches

Little known to tourists, Chiba prefecture, located east of Tokyo, is worth a detour.

La vie nocturne de Roppongi regorge de boites de nuits et de bars à d'hôtesse.

Roppongi, the party district

Roppongi is a famous district in the heart of Tokyo: bubbling, party animal, trendy, or even arty, we can add many qualifiers to it.

La vallée Todoroki

5 hiking spots near Tokyo to admire the autumn leaves

If Tokyo is famous for its parks and gardens which offer magnificent colors during the Koyo season, the Japanese capital is not the only place in Kanto where it is possible to admire the beauty of

Avec son rouge éclatant et son allure de tour Eiffel, la tour de Tokyo est l'un des symboles de la capitale nippone

Tokyo Tower

Higher, lighter, more colourful... The Tokyo Tower was intended when it was created as a modernized version of the Eiffel Tower.

Japan Visitor - onjuku-x.jpg


Onjuku is a placid seaside town in Chiba Prefecture renowned for its surfing beach, and an easy train ride from Tokyo.

Love in Tokyo

5 places to go out as a couple in Tokyo

In a group, couple, or solo...  You must visit Tokyo when you are in Japan!



Between its embassies and its great restaurants, Akasaka, located north of Roppongi, is one of the most exclusive areas in Tokyo.

Shibuya crossing

The Shibuya District

Shibuya is, without doubt, the most fascinating and most vibrant district of Tokyo.

Tokyo, star d'Instagram

How to have the best Instagram photo of Tokyo

The cosmopolitan city of Tokyo is eye-catching...

Tensodo cave, Izu

The best summer activities near Tokyo

Tokyo can be a difficult city to visit in summer. The temperature often exceeds 30°C and the humidity makes doing anything tiring.

Le Château d'Oshi

The city of Kumagaya

Kumagaya was once a staging post town on the way to Nakasendo, the inland route from Tokyo to Kyoto that was heavily used during the Edo period.

Temple géant des otakus, Akihabra regorge de salles de jeux vidéo.

Akihabara: Tokyo's "electric" district

Located in the east of Tokyo, Akihabara is famous for its manga and animation stores.

Japan Visitor - musashi-imperial-grave-1.jpg

Musashi Imperial Graveyard Hachioji Tokyo

The Musashi Imperial Graveyard in Hachioji, Tokyo holds the graves of the emperors Taisho and Showa and their wives. It is a solemn and dignified place.

Japan Visitor - anatour20191.jpg

Tour of the ANA Maintenance Facilities

Tour of the ANA Maintenance Facilities: ANA offers guided tours for visitors on almost all weekdays throughout the year at Haneda Airport, Tokyo.

In the footsteps of a traveler from the Edo period: stage 1 of Tokaido

Japan Experience offers you a detailed itinerary of the first stage of the Tokaido, the mythical road of the Edo period (1603-1868) , between the Nihonbashi bridge and the old Shinagawa relay, thro

Japan Visitor - jinnan_x-1.jpg

Jinnan Shibuya

Jinnan is the designer street fashion district of Shibuya, Tokyo, attracting trendy under-30s, and further uphill, has Japan's national broadcaster and Tokyo's most stylish stadium.

Le grand pont rouge d'Ichihara

Hikes in Yoro Keikoku Valley

The Yoro Gorge, in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba prefecture, is a natural beauty and the perfect place for urban hikers in search of nature. 


Away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, the small area of Jiyugaoka, in south-western Tokyo, allows curious people from all walks of life to take a break.

Japan Visitor - newnationaltheatre20192.jpg

New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT)

The New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT) in Shubuya near Shinjuku Station has three auditoriums and stages opera, drama and dance.

Izu Oshima

Izu Oshima Island

The island of Izu Oshima, Tokyo prefecture, is a pleasant place to visit nature for a day or two. Exotic landscapes, trekking, relaxation in onsen or walks in the forest...

The Chichibu Pilgrimage

The Chichibu pilgrimage is one of the most important pilgrimages in Japan.

Japan Visitor - tochopiano5.jpg

Tocho Observation Decks

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tocho) in Shinjuku, Tokyo has two observation decks, one with a piano decorated by artist Yayoi Kusama.

Quais de la gare Yamanote à la gare Sugamo

Sugamo Station

Sugamo Station in northern Tokyo is located between Komagome and Otsuka Stations. It is also only 30 min walk from the Ikebukuro district and Sunshine City.


Meguro Station

Meguro Station is located on the Yamanote in southern Tokyo, between Ebisu and Gotanda stations.

La gare de Shinagawa en 1897

Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa station was the very first to open in Tokyo, in connection with Yokohama, to test a revolutionary new means of transportation: The train!

Gare d'Okachimachi

Okachimachi Station

Located in the district of Taito, in the northeast of Tokyo, Okachimachi station is located between the two famous stations of Ueno and Akihabara.

Yurakucho Station

Yurakucho Station is located on the Yamanote Line, between Shimbashi Station and Tokyo Station.

La gare JR de Yoyogi. sortie ouest.

Yoyogi Station

Yoyogi Station, located in Shibuya Ward, Yoyogi Ward, was opened in October 1906 and served by JR East's Yamanote and Chuo-Sobu lines.

Shibuya Station

Shibuya is the major station in the southwest of Tokyo, located between Harajuku and Ebisu on the Yamanote line, and surely one of the best known in the entire capital.


Tokyo is equipped on its outskirts with an immense water drainage system for the various rivers that cross the territory of the metropolis.

Gare de Tamachi

Tamachi Station

The station is located in Minato Ward, in southeastern Tokyo in the Tamachi district. On the Yamanote line, it provides easy access to the renowned Rainbow Bridge and Sengaku-ji temple.

La station JR de Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku, an immense station with countless exits is surely one of the most famous stations in Tokyo.

Gare de Tabata

Tabata station

Tabata Station is located in Kita Ward, north of Tokyo, and served by the Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku lines.

La gare d'Akihabara

Akihabara Station

Akihabara Station is located northeast of Tokyo, in the Chiyoda district, between Kanda and Okachimachi stations on the JR Yamanote Line.

Gare de Hamamatsucho

Hamamatsucho Station

A thriving business district, countless taverns that come alive after dark, overlooking the Sumida river, centuries-old gardens alongside skyscrapers, and the emblematic Tokyo Tower: Hamamatsucho s

gare yamanote d'Ôtsuka

Otsuka Station

Otsuka station experienced upheavals of all kinds in its past history.

Gare d'Ebisu. entrée JR-Yamanote

Ebisu Station

JR Ebisu station was created in 1901. Located in the Shibuya district, it provides access to a pleasant and green area where food and culture come together.


Takadanobaba station

Located between Shin-Okubo and Mejiro stations, Takadanobaba station serves an area little known to foreigners.

Sur les quais de la gare de Kanda

Kanda Station

Kanda is a small station with a long history. It is located in the center of Tokyo, and a stone's throw away from the main Tokyo station.

Hachiko, une des mascottes de la Yamanote

Top 5 Yamanote mascots

With its stops that serve many districts, each more popular than the next, the Yamanote is an essential line in Tokyo for getting around.

Cat Street - Ura-Harajuku

Ura Harajuku

Ura-Harajuku is a collection of small, mostly pedestrianized shopping streets that have developed alongside the grand Ometesando and the bustling Takeshita-dori.

Harajuku Station

Harajuku station is one of the mythical points of Tokyo, known in particular for its fashion aficionados.

L'entrée principale de la gare d'Ueno et la fresque 'Freedom"

Ueno Station

Ueno Station is located in Taito Ward, in the northern part of Tokyo.

Les multiples voies ferroviaires de Nippori

Nippori Station

If you only have to choose one place in the capital where you can see as many trains as possible in the least possible time, it's Nippori that you have to come to!

Gare de Shin-Okubo

Shin-Okubo Station

The small Shin-Okubo station, much less known than its nearby big sister Shinjuku, hosts the famous Korean district of Tokyo.


Komagome Station

Komagome is about nature, a unique Yamanote line station with borders of beautiful gardens as soon as you set foot on its quay with the many azalea bushes that are arranged on each side.

Devant la sortie est de la gare d'Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Station

Ikebukuro station is located northwest of the Yamanote line between Meijiro and Otsuka stations. The Ikebukuro district has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and sightseeing.

The moats of the Tokyo Imperial Palace

Chidorigafuchi, the cherry tree alley in the moat of Edo Castle

Chidorigafuchi is a charming alley located in the Chiyoda district.

Japan Visitor - nagatacho20195.jpg

National Theatre Tokyo

The National Theatre in the Hanzomon district of Tokyo is one of several national theatres in Japan. It has two auditoriums and the National Engei Hall.

Akasaka-mitsuke, Tokyo


Akasaka-Mitsuke at the northern end of the Akasaka district in Tokyo is a lively district next to the political district of Nagatacho and has lots of small bars, restaurants, and live music venues.

Japan Visitor - mountjinba1.jpg

Mount Jinba

Mount Jinba: Mount Jinba, 857 meters tall, is a popular hiking destination situated right on the border between Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Vue sur le mont Tsukuba depuis une montagne voisine

Mount Tsukuba

Mount Tsukuba is located in Ibaraki Province, about 90 kilometers north of Tokyo. It is one of the most famous mountains in the country, belonging to the list of the 100 famous mountains of Japan.


Located in the prefecture of Saitama, northwest of Tokyo, Hanno is ignored by tourist circuits.

Hiroo Garden Hills


Located southwest of the Japanese capital, Hiroo is a trendy district with a sizeable expat community. 

Mount Kumotori

At the crossroads of Tokyo, Saitama, and Yamanashi prefectures, you can find Mount Kumotori, which rises above 2,000 meters (2,017 meters exactly).

Japan Visitor - cat_street_l.jpg

Cat Street Tokyo

Cat Street in Tokyo is a youth alternative fashion shopping and dining alley in the Jingumae district of Shibuya ward, Tokyo, that intersects with the famous Omotesando fashion street.

Japan Visitor - oyahistorymuseum7.jpg

Oya History Museum

Oya History Museum in Oya just outside Utsunomiya consists of an above ground museum and a huge subterranean cavern where Oya stone was mined.

Pleasure Cruises in Tokyo

A Tokyo river or harbor cruise can be the highlight of a visit to the Japanese capital city, and is offered by several companies with some imaginative vessels.

Tokyo's Best Rail Spots

Here are the best spots to view Tokyo's maze of a train network, JR, or private companies... Watch the ballet of trains as they depart to serve the millions of passengers daily! 

Japan Visitor - toyosu_market_8.jpg

Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu Fish Market is a huge. modern wholesale food market in Tokyo, with a morning tuna auction, that opened in 2018 on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay.

Vue du quartier depuis le parc Asukayama

The Oji district

Located in the district of Kita, just 10 min by train from Ueno, Oji is a small district that is not well known to travel guides.

Vallée Todoroki

The Todoroki Valley

To the southwest of Shibuya, in Setagaya, there is a small, tropical setting: the Todoroki Valley. A beautiful walk little known to tourists!

Tokyo: Dive into the Traditional Nezu

The Nezu district, located northeast of Ueno Park, takes visitors on a journey through time. Here, no buildings but mostly small wooden houses, bordering winding streets.

L'avenue Omotesando est devenue la vitrine des grandes marques internationales.


Going down the rising avenue makes buyers and strollers swoon in ecstasy looking for their brands.

Japan Visitor - tamatours20188.jpg

Tokyo Tama Region Tours

Voyagin offers a number of cultural heritage tours and activity tours in the untouched nature of the Tama region of western Tokyo.

Le magasin GeGeGe no Kitaro à Chofu

GeGeGe no Kitaro Street and Yokai Temple

From writers and painters to filmmakers and mangaka, yokai (spirits of Japanese folklore) have fascinated artists for generations.

Japan Visitor - uechun_2.jpg

Ueno Nakadori Uechun

Ueno Naka-dori (Ueno Middle Street), better known as Uechun, is a colorful, variegated pedestrian alley in the east-end Ueno district of Tokyo that offers plenty of shopping, dining and entertainme


Nakano, or Nakano Broadway, in Tokyo is a bit like a temple for otaku, Japanese pop-culture superfans, where you'll find a lot of manga, anime, figurines, and robots, but it has far more to o

Mihara Koji Lane in Ginza

Mihara Koji Lane is a small, somewhat dilapidated, alley near Ginza 6-Chome intersection that preserves something of the area's less glamorous history.

Shinjuku Park Tower, 235 meters high was used as a setting for the movie Lost in Translation.


Bubbling, dizzying, teeming with activities and shops: discover the Shinjuku district and its thousand faces.

Les belles maisons traditionnelles le long de la rivière Ono


Sawara, a charming town now integrated into Katori, is famous for its matsuri with oversized floats, its iris garden and its nostalgic atmosphere of yesteryear.

Shimokitazawa en journée

The Shimokitazawa district

Located a few minutes by train from Shibuya, Shimokitazawa is very popular with younger generations.

Japan Visitor - kojimachi_1l.jpg


Kojimachi is a business area, flanked by some areas of interest, that lies other side of the approximately 1.4 km stretch of Shinjuku-dori Avenue that runs westwards from the Hanzomon Gate of the I

The new "Tokyo no Kaba" water bus

From November 27, 2017, you can explore Tokyo Bay and Odaiba by hippopotamus, thanks to the new "Tokyo no Kaba" water bus!

Japan Visitor - okutama-michi-1.jpg

Okutama Mukashi Michi

The Okutama Mukashi Michi (Old Okutama Road; 奥多摩むかし道) is a popular hiking trail, covering the distance between Okutama JR Station and Okutama Lake in the mountains of western Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - ome-guide-2017-6.jpg

Ome Guide

Ome, about a 90 minute train ride from Tokyo Station on the JR Chuo Line, is located in the foothills of the mountains of western Tokyo and a major gateway for excursions into the Chichibu-Tama-Kai

Mount Takao

Outside the city centre but still within metropolitan Tokyo, Mount Takao is one of the favorite mountains of the capital's inhabitants.

Japan Visitor - mount-mitake-2017-3.jpg

Tokyo Hikes

Tokyo hikes: suggested hiking from Tokyo at Mount Takao, Mount Mitake, Mount Mitsumine and Kamakura.

La sortie Est de la gare d'Ikebukuro à Tokyo

Ikebukuro district, Tokyo

Ikebukuro is one of the main districts in Tokyo and one of the most lively, but not far from the buzz, discover another, calmer side.

Portrait of Hiroshige

Visit Tokyo in the footsteps of Hiroshige

Hiroshige, as an Edokko (child of Edo), loved his hometown.

Japan Visitor - tamagawa-josui-1.jpg

Tamagawa Josui

Tamagawa Josui (玉川上水) is a historic freshwater canal built in Edo times that originally ran from what is today Hamura city in western Tokyo to Yotsuya Okido, just east of today's Shinjuku Gyoen Par

A creek on the island of Shikine-hima, south of Tokyo

Top 7 Things to do in Tokyo During the Summer

In Tokyo this summer? Here are our top seven activities in Tokyo to make the most of the summer season.

Japan Visitor - higashi-mukojima-store.jpg

Mukojima Tokyo Guide

Mukojima: read a guide to Mukojima in north east Tokyo worth a visit for echoes of the past and to see the Seiko and Tobu museums along with Mukojima Hyakkaen Garden.

La rue commerçante de Yanaka Ginza offre bon nombre de curiosités

Yanaka, old Tokyo

Do you want to get out of the crowded Tokyo streets without leaving the city? Why not take the direction of the Yanaka district?

Okutama Lake

Okutama Lake is in western Tokyo deep in the mountains of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The area is popular with hikers, campers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Japan Visitor - flower-line-2.jpg

Boso Peninsula Flower Line

The Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture separates Tokyo Bay from the Pacific Ocean and has a very mild, almost Mediterranean climate ideal for growing flowers.

 The Cherry Tree Alley at Yanaka Cemetery near Nippori in Tokyo

Six of the best places to see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo

With so many parks and gardens with cherry trees, it is difficult to pick where to visit to see them! Our Travel Angel Laetitia recommend the best hanami spots in Tokyo!

Japan Visitor - nokogiri-4.jpg

Mount Nokogiri Chiba Prefecture

Mount Nokogiri stretches east-west in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba prefecture and is known for its great viewpoints and a wealth of ancient Buddhist stone sculptures and rock carvings in a setting o

Japan Visitor - ogawamachi.jpg

Kanda-Ogawamachi Sports Goods District

Kanda-Ogawamachi in Tokyo covers a stretch of Yasukuni-dori Avenue that is lined with stores selling sporting goods and attire.

Japan Visitor - choshi-guide-9.jpg

Choshi Chiba Guide

Choshi: read a guide to Choshi in Chiba Prefecture known for the River Tone, soy sauce, fish markets and its coastal scenery.

Une propriété à Shoto

Shoto district

The crowd is dense, the lights bright, the noise incessant: Shibuya, the vibrant heart of Tokyo, can make you dizzy at times. A few strides away, discover the Shoto district.

Tokyo Yakult Swallows

The Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball team play their home matches at the historic Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo.

Tokyo Fukutoshin

An overview of Tokyo's seven official urban sub-centers, called fukutoshin, some more important than the others.


Tsukishima is, strictly speaking, artificial, since it is a tiny man-made island reclaimed from the sea. But this popular area is actually one of the most authentic in Tokyo.

Tokyo Onsen Baths and Thermal Springs

A top ten selection of Tokyo onsen hot springs and sento bath houses.

Ruins of Kira Yoshinaka's House

Ruins of Kira Yoshinaka's House Ryogoku Tokyo

Ruins of Kira Yoshinaka's House: A small fraction of Kira Yoshinaka's once huge mansion is still preserved in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - ariake-coliseum-1.jpg

Ariake Coliseum

The Ariake Coliseum in the Odaiba area of Tokyo, is Japan's main tennis venue and is the center court of the annual Japan Open Tennis Championships.

10 things to do in Asakusa

What is there to do after visiting Senso-ji? Stroll along the Sumida River, or find something more exciting to do in this old neighbourhood that is far less tranquil than it may appear...

Panasonic Center Tokyo

Panasonic Center Tokyo in Odaiba presents the latest hi-tech products from Panasonic and has some exciting hands-on museum sections for kids.

Tomioka Silk Mill Tour

Tomioka Silk Mill Tour: take a guided tour of the Tomioka Silk Mill in Tomioka, Gunma, a UNESCO World heritage Site and Japan's first modern industrial complex.

Tokyo Interntional Forum

Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum is one of the showcases of contemporary Tokyo, whose bold architecture embellishes the district of Marunouchi.


Asakusabashi in east Tokyo is best known for its traditional Japanese doll emporiums and sewing and hobby accessory stores.

The castle of Edo at the time of Tokugawa

Edo Castle, the Heart of Tokyo

The present city of Tokyo is built around a heart: the old castle. This heart is nothing but an empty shell still harboring some souvenirs depicting the days of its glory.

Tawaramachi and Inaricho Buddhist & Shinto Goods Street

Tawaramachi and Inaricho Buddhist & Shinto Goods Street in Tokyo is home to many stores selling religious goods and regalia: altars, statues, urns.

Visit Tokyo in 3D

The Japanese are not taking the Tokyo 2020 Olympic preparations lightly, and have numerous technological improvements, signage, and tourism that will make the city a haven for visitors.

Visiting Tokyo in the Footsteps of Emperor Meiji

In 1869, the young Emperor Meiji moved the capital of Japan from Kyoto to Edo, the former name of Tokyo, meaning capital of the East. Then began the Meiji era, the modernization of Japan.

The Antiquated Arakawa Tramway

Why not visit Tokyo aboard a charming old retro tram retro, and discover all the picturesque sites the city has to offer.

Tokyo: The 2K540 area

At the heart of Akihabara, the village of 2k540 features modern and stylish Japanese craftsmanship worthy of the spirit of the ancient city of Edo.

The Cocoon Tower

The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower is one of the most innovative buildings in Tokyo. Completed in 2009, it stands out in the relatively sober architectural landscape of Shinjuku.

Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo.

Yoyogi National Stadium - an Olympic architectural treasure

Yoyogi National Stadium, (Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo) is a huge sports arena across the road from Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, made up of two separate gymnasiums.

Ashikaga School

Ashikaga School (Ashikaga Gakko in Japanese) about 90 minutes from Tokyo is the site of Japan's oldest and most distinguished Confucian academy, and is beautiful in its setting.

Bannaji Temple

Bannaji Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Ashikaga Guide

Ashikaga is a small city easily accessible from Tokyo that is the birthplace of the once mighty Ashikaga clan that ruled Japan during the Muromachi period of Japanese history.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple - Main Temple Features

Read about the main temple features of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in central Narita city in Chiba Prefecture.

Although he appears quiet suburban area, is home to the Ghibli Kichijoji and Inokashira Onshi Koen museum.


To the west of Tokyo, Kichijoji is one of the favorite neighborhoods of Tokyo inhabitants, polls put it at the head of the most popular places of residence.

The plunge, when the bus Sky Duck becomes a boat.

Sky Duck

To discover Tokyo, we all know buses and boats. Sky Duck brings together these two means of transport for an excursion on both land and sea.

The station Koreatown Okubo in Tokyo.

Okubo Koreatown

Close to Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo Koreatown is the largest quarter in Tokyo. It is now taken over by restaurants and K-Pop stores.

Setagaya is the most populous borough of Toyko.


A residential area dotted with parks, Setagaya district isn't a major tourist destination, and lets visitors see a different side of life in Tokyo.

The Shinagawa district of Tokyo was founded March 15, 1947 in Tokyo Bay.


Shinagawa's first impression is that of an impersonal business district full of skyscrapers, but it was once a fishing village.

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo


An artificial island reclaimed from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, this futuristic neighborhood was born and raised as a place of leisure.

The boat rides on the Sumida River (Tokyo), one of the most relaxing activities in Tokyo.

Sumida River

"In the moonlight, flow the ocher waters of the Sumida River, but in the soft sunlight, they become as dark as mud. [...] On a clear day we can see the Tsukuba Mountains and Fuji.

Kanda is a giant bookstore frequented by students from many prestigious universities.


With its renowned schools, its higher education institutions and Meiji University, the Kanda district concentrates more than one hundred and fifty bookstores!

Takanawa Exit Shinagawa Station

Read a guide to the Takanawa Exit of Shinagawa Station in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo include hotels, museums and places to eat.

Konan Exit Shinagawa Station

Read a guide to the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station in the Shinagawa district of south Tokyo including parks, gardens and hotels.

Camping Wild Magic

Wild Magic

Tents, barbecues and paddling: Wild Magic is an invitation to camping ... in the heart of Tokyo!

Tokyo Fall Colors Viewing Spots

See a listing of the best places to see the fall colors in Tokyo and the Kanto area including Showa Kinen Koen and Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue).

Japan Visitor - toyosu20181.jpg

Toyosu Guide

Toyosu, read a travel guide to Toyosu in Koto-ku, a human-made island home to the large LaLaPort shopping mall, the Gas Science Museum and the new Tsukiji Fish Market.

The 634 meters high Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida.

Go with the flow in Tokyo

The Sumida River crosses the Japanese capital for 27 km and gives Tokyo its “aquatic city” side.

Yurakucho Guide

Yurakucho is a small, happening central Tokyo neighborhood where Tokyoites socialize in small traditional bars and restaurants, and Yurakucho also provides ample shopping and entertainment opportun

Japan Visitor - yanaka-11.jpg

Yanaka Cemetery

Yanaka Cemetery: read a guide to Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo, one of the city's most famous graveyards with a number of important people buried here.

Japan Visitor - tomioka-silk-mill-1.jpg

Tomioka Silk Mill

Tomioka Silk Mill was Japan's first mass-production silk mill, using techniques and experts brought over from France and is now a World Heritage Site.

Yanaka Ginza

Yanaka Ginza: read a guide to the shopping areas of Yanaka Ginza and Yuyake-dandan Steps in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - bank-of-japan-888.jpg

Bank of Japan Tokyo

Bank of Japan: read a guide to the Bank of Japan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo which was established in the Meiji Period and includes a the Currency Museum.

Japan Visitor - nikolaido20181.jpg

Nikolai-do Holy Resurrection Church

Read a guide to the Orthodox Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Ochanomizu, Tokyo known as the Nikolai-do.

Japan Visitor - takasaki-guide-7.jpg

Takasaki Guide Gunma

Takasaki guide: read a guide to Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture known as the home of daruma dolls and of Byakue Kannon, a huge Buddhist statue on Kannonyama.

Japan Visitor - oshima-guide-1.jpg

Izu Oshima Island

Oshima Island: read a guide to Oshima Island, known for the volcanic Mount Mihara, hot springs, scuba diving and beaches.


Budokan: read a guide to the iconic Budokan in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo a venue for martial arts and rock concerts.

Japan Visitor - chidorigafuchi_cemetery_x.jpg

Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery

Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery: read a guide to the Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery in Tokyo which holds the remains of unknown Japanese soldiers killed in World War II.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-onsen-6.jpg

Tokyo Onsens

Tokyo Onsens: see a listing of hot spring baths and spas within the Tokyo area including LaQua, Toshimaen Niwa No Yu and Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs.

Le téléphérique de Takao pour accéder au sommet du Mont Takao.

Excursions around Tokyo

Tokyo, with its abundance of activities and its multitude of attractions has something to keep you occupied for a long time, but that does not prevent that a small tour beyond its periphery is alwa

Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo

Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place: the Yebisu Garden Place in Ebisu, Tokyo, is a major entertainment, retail and office complex.

Japan Visitor - kabuki20191.jpg

Tokyo Kabukiza Ginza

The Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo is located in Tokyo's upmarket Ginza district. The first Kabuki Theater was first built here in 1889.

St Mary's Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral is a modernist Catholic church in Bunkyo ward, Tokyo, designed by the famous Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange.

Shirokanedai Tokyo

Shirokanedai: read a guide to Shirokanedai, Tokyo. Shirokanedai is home to some of Tokyo's most beautiful parks and gardens.

Japan Visitor - yanaka_x2.jpg


Read a guide to Yanaka, Tokyo. Yanaka is one of the few parts of Tokyo that feels old. Yanaka features Yanaka Cemetery, many temples, and (for Tokyo) a lot of old homes.

Kinshicho Guide

Kinshicho. Read a guide to Kinshicho, Tokyo's easternmost commercial center, and a bustling mixture of high and low culture.

Japan Visitor - kagurazaka_x.jpg


Kagurazaka is an old neighborhood on a slope in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo, and is notable for its preserved historical atmosphere, its many lanes full of specialty shops and classy restaurants.

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown: Read a guide to Tokyo's tallest building, and a hub of commercial cultural, artistic, dining and leisure activity near the Roppongi district.

Japan Visitor - ikebukuro20191.jpg

Ikebukuro Guide

Ikebukuro. Read a guide to Ikebukuro, a major Tokyo area transport hub and a busy Japanese shopping mecca.

Japan Visitor - mitsukoshi-45.jpg

Nihonbashi Guide

Nihonbashi: read a guide to the historic Nihonbashi district in Tokyo, home to the Mitsukoshi Department Store, the Bank of Japan and Takashimaya.

Nagatacho in Tokyo


Nagatacho Tokyo. Read a guide to the center of Japan's political system and the seat of the Japanese government -Nagatacho in Tokyo.

National Diet Building

National Diet Building, Tokyo. Read about the National Diet Building, the seat of Japanese government in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower: read about Tokyo Tower, Tokyo's most distinctive landmark, a great place to view the city from, and full of things to see and do.

Marunouchi & Yaesu

Marunouchi & Yaesu: Read a guide to Marunouchi & Yaesu, areas on either side of Tokyo Station, famous for their corporate Japanese headquarter buildings and hotels.

Japan Visitor - ryogoku20191.jpg


Ryogoku. Read about Ryogoku in the east of Tokyo, most famous as the home of Japanese sumo wrestling in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Visitor - fukagawa-2017-2.jpg

Fukagawa & Morishita

Fukagawa & Morishita. Read about Fukagawa and Morishita, adjacent districts in eastern Tokyo that are treasure troves of antiquity.

Japan Visitor - shiodome20181.jpg

Shiodome Shiosite

Shiodome Shiosite, Tokyo: read about Shiodome Shiosite, a modern waterfront development featuring the Dentsu HQ & a huge assortment of shops & Japanese restaurants.

Odaiba - Tokyo bay view on a sunny day

Odaiba Guide

Odaiba, Tokyo. Read a guide about Odaiba, a new Japanese high-tech shopping, restaurant and entertainment area in south-west Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - ginza_1.jpg


Ginza. Read about Ginza, Tokyo's luxury shopping district for the rich and famous. The Ginza area means the place where silver is minted.

Japan Visitor - azabu-juuban.jpg

Azabu Guide

Azabu, Tokyo. Read about Azabu, an elegant area full of foreign embassies in Minato-ku, south of Roppongi in Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - takao20191.jpg

Mount Takao Guide

Mount Takao: read a guide to Mount Takao. Mount Takao is a pleasant day trip to a beautiful, natural Japanese environment outside Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tochō, at sunset

Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Building Tocho

Read about the Tokyo Metro Government Buildings, or Tocho, in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, the seat of the Tokyo Governor.

Japan Visitor - goldengai-6.jpg

Golden Gai Guide Shinjuku Tokyo

Golden Gai: read a guide to the bohemian bar district of Golden Gai, a warren of alleys lined with bars, in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - bike-12.jpg

Tokyo Cycling

Cycling In Tokyo: find information on cycling in Tokyo including where to rent a bicycle and where to ride.

Japan Visitor - tokyodisneysea1.jpg

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea: read a guide to Tokyo DisneySea, which together with Tokyo Disneyland makes up Tokyo Disney Resort.

Japan Visitor - tse20191.jpg

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange: The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is the world's second largest stock exchange. The prsent Tokyo Stock Exchange dates from 1949.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-university-557.jpg

Tokyo University

Tokyo University: read a guide to Tokyo University. Tokyo University is Japan's most prestigious university ranked in the world's top 20.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-sky-tree-3.jpg

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree: read a guide to the new 634m-tall Tokyo Sky Tree in the Sumida area of Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-kayak-1.jpg

Tokyo Kayaking

Tokyo kayaking: kayak tours of Tokyo are a fun, new way to see the Japanese capital from its many canals and rivers.

Japan Visitor - minka-en20191.jpg

Nihon Minka-en

Nihon Minka-en | Japan Open Air Folk House Museum - read a guide to the Nihon Minka-en - an open-air museum with a collection of historic houses.

Kofu Castle

Kofu Castle: read a guide to Kofu Castle (aka Maizurujo) in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Japan Visitor - shosenkyo-gorge-2017-1.jpg

Shosenkyo Gorge

Shosenkyo Gorge: read a guide to the beautiful Shosenkyo Gorge near Kofu in Yamanashi Prefecture.


Kofu guide: read a guide to Kofu in Yamanashi including Shosenkyo Gorge and the Takeda Shingen Shrine.

Japan Visitor - odaiba-beachx.jpg

Tokyo Tour Two Days In Tokyo Itinerary

Tokyo Short 2-day Tour: read a suggested guide for a short, 2-day tour of Tokyo including Tokyo museums, parks and river cruises.

Japan Visitor - fukagawa20182.jpg

Fukagawa Tokyo

Read about the Fukagawa and Morishita areas in Tokyo's historic merchant quarters in Koto-ku.

Japan Visitor - ryogoku-sumo-statue.jpg

Ryogoku Tokyo

Ryogoku: read about the Ryogoku area in Tokyo's Sumida-ku, the home of Japanese sumo wrestling and Eko-in Temple.

Kanda Yushima Guide

Read a Tokyo area guide to Kanda Yushima and Ochanomizu, an historic area which was once the heart of old Edo.

Yume no Shima Park Tokyo

Yume no Shima Tokyo: read a detailed sightseeing guide to Yume no Shima ('Dream Island') Park, in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower & Environs

Tokyo Tower is a tourist and entertainment landmark dominating neighboring Shiba Park, home to the grand Zozoji Temple.

Tokyo National Stadium

Kasumigaoka National Stadium. Read a guide to Tokyo's Kasumigaoka National Stadium, a graceful 56,000 capacity stadium and host for numerous national sporting events and cup finals.

Japan Visitor - kawasakidaishi_4.jpg

Kawasaki Guide

Kawasaki City & Hotel Guide: View Kawasaki hotel accommodation, Kawasaki temples & shrines, day-trips, Kawasaki travel information & local transport, festivals, images, books, internet

Ski Resorts near Tokyo

Tokyo Ski Resorts: Tokyo is one of the world's few major metropolises in close proximity to top class ski resorts.

Japan Visitor - tokyoscene20191.jpg

Tokyo Area Guides

Tokyo area guides: see a listing of Tokyo area guides with Tokyo sightseeing information for Ginza, Marunouchi, Roppongi, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Niijima Island, Tokyo

Niijima Island

Niijima Island 新島 Niijima Island, 160km south of Tokyo, is part of the Izu Islands (Izu-shoto) which also include Oshima, Toshima, Kozushima and Shikine-jima.

Taro Okamoto

Taro Okamoto Studio in Tokyo

Taro Okamoto was a prominent Japanese avant-garde artist/sculptor of the twentieth century.