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Jean Freund, the author behind the Travel Book : Le Bon Voyage Japan

From the Japanese megalopolis to the vineyards of Alsace, the Chinese countryside and the Mongolian steppes, Jean Freund fills his Moleskine notebooks with his stories. He likes to tak

Shelves full of manga, the Mandarake is a paradise for lovers of manga in Tokyo.

Easy-to-read manga for Japanese beginners

Have you been studying Japanese at evening classes? Have you installed apps to test your hiragana and kanji on your commute? Do you have a notebook with lines of words written fiercely?

Un manga

The different kinds of manga

True phenomenon of pop culture, manga have been able to make a place for themselves on the Japanese national scene, but also internationally.

Les Japonais de Raphaël Languillon-Aussel

The Japanese, by Raphael Languillon-Aussel

In this book, you will discover personalities far removed from the image that we often have of Japan and its people, for fascinating testimonies and a certain authenticity...

Florent Chavout, cartoonist in love with Japan

Author of two comic strips devoted to Japan, Florent Chavout distills his love for this country which has everything to astonish Westerners.

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Kitakyushu Literature Guide

Kitakyushu has a literary heritage. There are museums dedicated to Mori Ogai, Seicho Matsumoto as well as the more general Kitakyushu Literature Museum.


Manga, anime and video games in contemporary art

If Japanese pop culture has managed to make itself known beyond its borders and penetrate the collective imagination, it also manages to invest in the field of contemporary art.

All Out!! : the first manga about rugby

A few months before the World Cup, what better way to get in the mood than to dive into "All Out", the first Japanese anime devoted to rugby!

Les Yokaï, ces créatures étranges viennent perturber un vieil homme

3 books of Japanese legends to read

Wandering ghosts, one-eyed ogres, bewitching vixens... Legends about these often evil beings proliferated in the feudal age.

Noir fiction: Japanese thrillers

What should you read while traveling in Japan? Apart from the classics or the inevitable Haruki Murakami, Japanese thrillers are a great option.

5 Japanese Authors to Know

Japan is a land of literature, from its origins with Genji Monogatari. There is nothing better than to visit Japan and to take away with you some of its famous writers. 

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The Kojiki

The Kojiki: read a history of The Kojiki, Japan's oldest book and the subsequent translations into modern Japanese and history of this important text.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Yoshihiro Tatsumi: read reviews of Yoshihiro Tatsumi's brilliant, pioneering gekiga manga A Drifting Life and Abandon the Old in Tokyo set in the harsh years of post-war Japan.

Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi

Read a review of the Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi: Detective Stories from Old Edo by Kido Okamoto the Japanese Conan Doyle.

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Japanoise Music at the Edge of Circulation

Japanoise: read a book review of Japanoise - Music at the Edge of Circulation and a look at the genre of Noise music from Japan.

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Nutritious Origami: Fold your Way to Healthy Eating

Nutritious Origami: Fold your Way to Healthy Eating: read a book review of a new book which aims to get children to eat all their vegetables.

Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai: read a short biography of Osamu Dazai, one of Japan's most famous 20th century authors, famous for his appeal to the ennui of the post-war generation.

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Japan Travel Guides 3

Japan Travel Guides 3: read book reviews of travel guides to Japan including Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Japan Children's Books

Japan Children's Books: Read reviews of Japanese books for children translated into English. Titles reviewed include Finding Little Sister by Yoriko Tsutsui and Kamishibai Man by Allen Say.

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Architecture Books

Japanese architecture and design showcases the best titles on Japanese and Japan-related architecture.

Japan Art Books III

Books on Japanese Art III: read book reviews of titles on Japanese art, Japanese gardens and fabrics.

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Japan Travel Guides II

Travel guide reviews 2. Read book reviews of Japan travel guides, all of which can be purchased from Amazon US, UK & Japan.

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Anime Books

Japan anime and manga reviews: read reviews of the best Japanese manga and anime books and DVDs.

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Japan Art Books

Japanese Art & Design books: read book reviews on titles from the world of Japanese art and design.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell. Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell discusses his work and time spent in Japan.

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Tokyo Books

Tokyo Books: find books on Tokyo, travel guides, history of Tokyo (Edo) and Tokyo city atlases.

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Japan History Books

Japanese history book reviews: read reviews of Japanese history books from early to modern Japan history.

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Japan Manga Books I

Japan Manga Books I: Reviews of books on Japanese Manga and anime, including works by Osamu Tezuka, Junji Ito, Akira Toriyama and others.

Japan Nature Books

Japan nature books: read reviews of books on Japanese nature, bonsai, plants and gardens, including ways to create a Japanese touch for your garden.

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Japanese Culture Books

Japanese culture books: read book reviews on Japanese culture and customs including the Japanese at work and play, kabuki, architecture and Kyoto.

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Other Books on Japan II

Other Japan books 2. Read reviews on Japan-related books: film, Shinto, dogs, Japanese tea, baseball, haiku, shiatsu, judo and martial arts.