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Festival Asanogawa Enyûkai

Asanogawa Enyûkai

For a weekend, the Asano River comes alive and hosts actors and dancers. While the branches are sagging under the weight of the cherry blossoms, men begin to float on water, as light as air.

Festival kagatobi dezomeshiki

Kagatobi Dezomeshiki Festival

Half naked firefighters perform acrobatics in the freezing cold. This tantalizing show takes place every January 6th, during the Kagatobi Dezomeshiki festival.

Hyakumangoku matsuri

Hyakumangoku Matsuri

June is announced with great fanfare in Kanazawa, with the Hyakumangoku Matsuri. Featuring a parade and a series of dances, the Castle Park is filled with good humor.

Otabi Festival Komatsu

Otabi Festival Komatsu: read a guide to the Otabi Festival in Komatsu. The festival consists of children's kabuki performances on beautifully decorated floats with music.