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Shin Shin ramen

Ramen Shin-Shin: the best tonkotsu ramen restaurant in Fukuoka

Ramen, those delicious Japanese noodles served in a savory broth, have become a culinary phenomenon the world over.

irasshai concept store japonais paris épicerie restaurants cafés

Irasshai Paris: the ultimate Japanese destination in the heart of the French capital

Irasshai is a new concept store dedicated to Japanese cuisine and culture, located in central Paris.

kaiseki monya tokyo restaurant

We tried Monya, a kaiseki restaurant in Tokyo

We tried out the Monya restaurant in Tokyo, which specializes in kaiseki meals!

Pain et petites boules

What are the best bakeries in Tokyo?

In the land of sushi, bakeries abound. There are said to be more than 10,000 throughout Japan and several thousand in Tokyo. It is difficult to make a selection as there are so many good bakeries.


Where to eat the best ramen in Tokyo?

Ramen, a specialty noodle in broth, is one of the classics of popular Japanese cuisine.

Tekone zushi

Culinary specialties of Mie prefecture

Mie Prefecture, located east of the Kii Peninsula, is part of the Kansai region.

A busy street lined with izakaya

5 of the best izakaya in Tokyo

Izakaya are typical Japanese dining establishments, similar to a tapas bar, where it's possible to eat and drink, often at a counter. It's also the favorite place for a casual post-work drink.

Kyô-gashi lors de la cérémonie du thé

Learn how to make Japanese cakes from Kyoto

All the art of traditional Kyoto pastry can be found in the Kyo-gashi, carefully prepared by masters...


Where to eat the best ice cream in Tokyo?

Young or old, everyone loves ice cream. If you are passing through Tokyo during the sweltering Japanese summer, be sure to eat ice cream or sorbet in one of the many places in the capital.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

You may know Aoyama Flower Market for its exceptional bouquets, but this chain of Japanese florists also has another string to its bow: owner of tea rooms!


5 restaurants to enjoy sushi in Kyoto

An emblematic culinary specialty of Japan, sushi can be enjoyed in many restaurants in Kyoto, but how do choose a place? Japan Experience offers 5 excellent places for you to choose from! 


5 Okonomiyaki Restaurants in Osaka

Great pride of Osaka and emblem of the city's street food, okonomiyaki, this Japanese omelet, can be enjoyed in a box or at the counter in several welcoming establishments.

Being vegan in Tokyo

Being vegan can be difficult in some parts of the world, with the movement not necessarily popular, or currently achievable, worldwide.

Hoshi Ryokan

The Hoshi ryokan

Listed in the Guinness Book as one of the oldest hotels in the world, the Hoshi Ryokan is also one of the oldest family businesses in the world.


The Beeat restaurant and its sushi burritos

For all sushi fans who want to surprise their taste buds, the Beeat restaurant is revisiting the concept in the form of burritos in an original way.

Karafuneya Coffee

The parfait, or ice cream sundae, a popular dessert in Japan, reaches new heights and comes in incredible flavor combinations at this Kyoto cafe.

Forum Kyoto

Kyoto Forum

For all contemporary art enthusiasts or those who wish to discover a unique and definitely modern place in Kyoto, the Kyoto Forum is the ideal place.

5 restaurants in Kobe to eat beef

Known for its excellent wagyu, or Japanese beef, Kobe boasts a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy this delicacy.

A busy street lined with izakaya

Great taverns in Kanazawa

It's hard to know where to eat or go for a drink when you are not familiar with the city. Here are some great bars and restaurants in Kanazawa!

kotatsu in Tsubame cafe, Kamakura

Kotatsu cafes and restaurants

In Japan, the kotatsu symbolizes not only the warmth but also the conviviality, comfort, and simple pleasure of being with family around a table.

The 3 best ramen in Sapporo

The capital of the island of Hokkaido is renowned for its ramen . The Japanese associate Sapporo with the recipe for miso ramen , a variation typical of this region.

La devanture d'Ajigin, dans l'arrondissement de Sumida, à Tokyo.

Ajigin restaurant in Tokyo

Located 5 minutes walk from the Tokyo SkyTree, Ajigin is a restaurant specializing in a single type of sushi: inari-zushi. A good place for vegetarians!

Tokyo's 9 most unique restaurants and cafés

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Tokyo's themed cafés and restaurants, a must in Japan!

Omen est spécialisé dans les nouilles japonaises udon

Udon Omen restaurant

A string of thick and elusive noodles, the no less delicious udon , Omen plays on the quality and sincerity of its popular dishes.


Culinary specialties of Osaka

Osaka, the third-largest city in Japan, is famous for its culinary culture. For many, it is emblematic of Japanese street food: the city that saw the birth of instant noodles and sushi bars!

Culinary specialties of Aomori

Aomori is an area known for its food products, from fishing and agriculture to livestock. Here are some of the most well-known.

Kobe Beef

The term "wagyu" 和牛 (Japanese beef), is well-known these days amongst foodies. Discover one of the most popular Japanese meats in the world: Kobe beef.

The lunch menu at Soh Soh: brown rice and mixed vegetables.

Soh Soh

In a chic street below Matsuyama Castle, lined with antique shops and other charming stores, we find Soh Soh.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Kyoto

Kyoto is the Japanese capital of vegetarianism. Japan Guide has selected the four most popular vegetarian restaurants in the old capital.

Vegetarian Food in Tokyo

The bustling city of Tokyo has just as many vegetarians restaurants as Kyoto. Here are four of the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the capital.


This old teahouse for pilgrims visiting Ise became immensely famous for its sweets. It gave its name to the akafuku mochi, the local specialty.

Nadagiku Shuzo Sake Brewery

South of the city, this old sake brewery offers to share its expertise with you, and the opportunity to enjoy the results!

6 Original Themed Restaurants in Tokyo (part 2)

Not too long ago we told you about the 6 most famous and original themed restaurants in Tokyo.

8 Fugu Restaurants in Tokyo

The famous fugu, poisonous pufferfish, is a dish that can't be enjoyed just anywhere. Finding the right places to eat it safely is essential.

Chanko Nabe

Want to become as strong as a sumo wrestler? It's possible! If you go to Tokyo, try chanko nabe, the magic potion of sumo wrestlers.

Le Karashi Mentaiko

The Mentaiko

In Fukuoka, there are ramen noodles (ラーメン) and mentaiko (明太子), known throughout Japan! 

KitchHike: Home Cooking

More and more travellers are using services such as couch surfing, where they are welcomed into people's homes and offered a place to sleep. But did you know you could also KitchHike?

Tokyo: Zauo Restaurant

Among the many themed restaurants that Tokyo has to offer, Zauo is without doubt the one that offers the most curious: rediscover the joy of tasting the fruit of your efforts by catching you



Among the favorite dishes of the Japanese, eel does not really inspire visitors, yet they would benefit from letting themselves be tempted.

Restaurant Torisei and chicken specialties.


The Torisei offers the best breakfasts Fushimi. There are many specialties including chicken yakitori, famous kebabs.

The entrance Râmen Yokocho, Sapporo.

Ramen Yokocho

Hidden away between two narrow streets in Sapporo's town centre you will find the best of the local specialty: ramen.

Restaurant Susaki


Some restaurants still preserve the essential traditions of the culinary arts. Susaki thus revives the Muromachi period (1336-1573) by bringing its honzen cuisine up tp date.

Usukifugu Yamadaya

At the bottom of a small quiet street in the district of Minato, the owner of three Michelin stars, Yoshio Yukasabe is preparing...

Facade of Yokota in Minato, one of the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo.


"Tempura is stripped of the meaning we traditionally attach to fried food, which is heaviness." Roland Barthes in Empire of Signs.

Restaurant Isaribi


Japan offers a wide culinary variety especially in terms of cooking methods. In Osaka, Isaribi offers wood-fire barbecues, also called robatayaki.

The sky bridge restaurant

Le Pont du Ciel

Give up your chopsticks for a French meal. The Pont du Ciel transports you to the land of Brillat-Savarin.

Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki

A chain reputed throughout Kansai for its sushi, Ganko ("stubborn"), was born in Osaka in April 1963, established in a luxurious house in the Hirano district, previously owned by a rich merchant.

Hiraishi front of restaurant


The "side door" entrance gives a somewhat bad impression of this tempura restaurant, which is actually very well run, and awarded with a Michelin star.

Restaurant Chitose


This is a discrete little establishment, with one of those big white air conditioning units next to a sliding wooden door, but don't be deceived, you have come to one of the best okonomiyaki restau

The Kyoto kawayuka

Kawayuka Terraces

When summer comes, the kawayuka, terraces on stilts, bloom on the banks of the Kamogawa River.

Tonkotsu (Hakata) ramen

Hakata Ramen

Thin noodles, the rich, savory taste of pork... It has to be the famous ramen of Fukuoka.

Restaurant Myogaya


In a small street east of the train station, a gently swaying, wooden sign with some Japanese characters and these two words: "Organic Restaurant".

Murasaki Restaurant in Takayama


If you just arrived in Takayama, why not take a break before you embark on a sightseeing tour. A short walk from the station, your salvation is called Murasaki.

Oysters Miyajima


Let the smell of firewood and herbs guide your way. Oyster connoisseurs on the island of Miyajima should not miss this place under any circumstances.

The delicious dishes made with Yucharism Tokyo.


With nearly 160,000 restaurants, Tokyo is a city of many flavors. Of course, learning the basics of Japanese cuisine can be difficult when you don't speak Japanese.

The Senjo restaurant, a Taiwanese eatery Ikebukuro serving delicious Chinese dumplings.

Senjo Restaurant

This small Taiwanese tavern in Ikebukuro offers delicious Chinese dumplings, served by a friendly owner.

Specialty Mimatsu (Ikebukuro): the have-seki, sitting at the same table with someone.

Mimatsu Restaurant

Restaurant chains have invaded Ikebukuro... But a store with a friendly, country village appearance still holds out against the invaders. Welcome to Mimatsu!

Ebisu Yokocho, a small alley-fed small restaurants and terraces.

Ebisu Yokocho

Once through the sliding, tinted plastic door, it's a myriad of smells, colors and sounds that instantly awaken the senses.

In Sakura Tei's, Harajuku, it is the clients themselves who make up the okonomiyaki,

Sakura Tei

Down an alley in Harajuku, enter the Clockwork Market, home of young artists and colorful architecture. Inside you'll find workshops, bars, and above all a favorite address: okonomiyaki.

Modern and tasteful, the décor of the room Honmura Han in Roppongi.

Honmura An

The Japanese love noodles: in broth, in soup, cold, fried, they are part of Japanese everyday life.

The front of Ryu Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji in Tokyo.

Ryu Sushi

When you leave the impressive Tsukiji Market, your senses may be running wild, your stomach empty and your appetite growing. Who says you can't have sushi for breakfast?

Hidden in the corner of Shibuya, the brand and the lantern is the only way to locate the Sora no Niwa restaurant

Sora No Niwa

We have heard the rumor that the tofu restaurant Sora No Niwa is so well hidden that even the people of Tokyo get lost searching for it.

The Kikunoi restaurant, Minato (Tokyo), celebrates the kyotoïte kaiseki.


A pleasure for the eyes, gourmet delights, kaiseki is often considered the height of refinement in Japanese cuisine.

Pastry Murakami

Murakami Wagashi

Traditional French pastries might be exceptional, but the Japanese know-how is not far behind. Japanese sweets, or wagashi, can whet the appetite of all sweet-lovers.


Restaurant Jingoro

Jingoro Ramen

Just meters from Hida Shrine, Jingoro concocts meals that delight gourmets and food lovers. Here earthly pleasures take on celestial dimensions.

Tosho tofu restaurant in Hiroshima


Japanese cuisine never ceases to surprise. Textures improbable, unexpected tastes, there is always something to amaze our taste buds. The adventurous should definitely go to Tosho restaurant.


The reference for sukiyaki udon (a type of thick pasta stew) in Osaka is called Mimiu. But don't get it wrong! No miumiu, miumu or mimoun if you want to eat well.



Chibo embodies the king of okonomiyaki. A typical specialty of Kansai appreciated by many. For novices and enthusiasts, the pancakes are worth the visit.

Yakiniku Restaurant Sora

Yakiniku Sora

Hungry carnivores look no further. The Yakiniku Sora will sate your appetite at low prices and make you revise your bovine anatomy.

Udon restaurant Umeda Hagakure

Umeda Hagakure

Surrounded by shops that do not all look too good, in one of the buildings that make up the Umeda landscape, this restaurant prepares one of the best udon (thick white noodles made from wheat flou


From the outset, the scene is set.



It is one of those addresses that has been around the world.

Restaurant Mangyoku


The former home of tea and okiya - residence of geishas and maïko - Mangyoku cherishes its retro atmosphere.

Restaurant Harishin


Somewhat rustic, in a 100% Japanese style, this restaurant which is over 130 years old, offers Yudofu (boiled tofu), one of Nara's specialties.

Awa Naramachi ten

Awa Naramachi ten

A shady alley and a dirt floor takes visitors far away from the city.

Restaurant Hamadaya


"Pure water and the pure heart of the cheese maker: without this, the tofu won't be good"

dixit the IMAI family in Japanese Seasons, Nicole-Lise Bernheim (1999)

Restaurant Miyasan


The spiritual food of Koyasan is not necessarily enough to sustain everyone. For the more down to earth, there is Miyasan.

Restaurant Maruman


If hunger gets you during your visit of Koyasan, don't worry. Many local restaurants will welcome you with pleasure. Especially Maruman. Recognizable by its well-stocked window.

Khaki-tei restaurant in Hiroshima


Discover an intimate bistro at the water's edge making specialty oysters!

barge kanawa


A barge with colorful tunes kindly lingers along the rivers of Hiroshima ... this restaurant serves only the best oysters!

No No Budou restaurant in Hiroshima

No No Budou

If Mother Nature had to put her nose in the kitchen of a restaurant, she probably would choose No No Budou. Here, the worship of good food is king.

Fine Grapes Restaurant in Hiroshima

Beaux Raisins

Discover a French diner in the heart of the city of peace!

German restaurant Pilsen


The land of Goethe's invites itself in the Katamachi district of Kanazawa. Beer, sausage and sauerkraut can be had at Pilsen.

Oden Restaurant Miyuki Honten

Oden Miyuki Honten

Although fish is savored with passion in Kanazawa, it is rarely prepared in a stew. Except perhaps at Oden Miyuki Honten. It is sure to warm your heart and your plate.

Izakaya Uoyaki Itaru

Uoyaki Itaru

Where can you quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger if not at Uoyaki Itaru?

Restaurant Amatsubo


Kanazawa is known for being a paradise for seafood lovers. Amatsubo restaurant will attest to do this in the finest way.

Sign of Hamamatsu restaurant


Gourmet fragrances fill up the small streets of Kanazawa. They come to meet hungry visitors and attract them to this place where one of the star dishes of Japanese cuisine is prepared: unagi.

Chopsticks Café Shirubei

Chopsticks Café Shirubei

The fish is in a delicate situation at Chopstick Café. Cold on the ice, it is taken by surprise by the flame of a blowtorch.


The great Japanese cuisine has taken a particular form in Nagasaki : shippoku, a cuisine that is mixed with Chinese and Portuguese influences.

Restaurant Zuboraya


The name Zuboraya is one of the best known culinary names in Osaka. This restaurant has no stars, but is well known for its expertise in the delicate preparation of fugu.

Nara Udon Fukutoku

Nara Udon Fukutoku

A family restaurant, Fukutoku (whose name means "Virtue of clothes") offers a taste of the famous noodle from Shikoku, udon, Nara-style.

Gion Koishi

Gion Koishi

When the Japanese heat gets too stifling, the shaved ice at Gion Koishi will definitely help you chill out.

Counter izakaya Isozumi


A big red lantern, a bamboo wall ... The decor of Isozumi (五十 棲) is easily recognized.



The Izusen inn awakens the senses. The restaurant, also within the same holy precincts of the monastery complex Daitokuji , introduces guests to an ancient culinary tradition: shojin ryori.

Aji Tasuke

One a la carte menu from Tasuke: the gyûtan. this grilled beef tongue was even born here, and has since become the specialty of Sendai and a famous recipe throughout Japan.

Bon On Shya

Vegetarian food, tea and coffee, ceramics exhibitions ... plus they speak four languages!

Hiroshima oysters kakidon

Where to eat in Hiroshima

From oysters to okonomiyaki, an organic buffet to tofu restaurants and gourmet pastries, Hiroshima will never fail to surprise your taste buds. Here's a guide to the eateries of the city.

Yatai Fukuoka


Local specialties and spirit at over 200 yatai in Fukuoka, gourmet, homely food stalls!

The sushiyasan (sushi chef) of Gou restaurant in Fukuoka.

Sushi Dokoro Gou

In a city that normally goes crazy for ramen noodles, Sushi Dokoro Gou offers some of the best sushi in Fukuoka in a chic and refined setting.

Restaurant Around

À peu près

À peu près is a French restaurant set up in a machiya, a traditional wooden house in central Kyoto proudly showcases its ancestral well and a st

Restaurant Mishimatei


Reminiscing of the past, the Mishimatei salt meats, est. 1873, satisfy the meat lovers!

Tonkatsu restaurant of Katsukura


Don't let the thought of a chain of restaurants fool you... Here, the quality is superb and authentic as one can expect from a generation of family-owned establishments.  

Restaurant bio Obanzai


Tofu in all sauces. Rice, vegetables, raw vegetables, everything is good and organic. Here, for less than 1,000 yen, the buffet of vegetarian dishes is available at will .

Tempura restaurant Mikuni


Lovers of old Kyoto, if you get lost in the noisy and unconventional street of Kawaramachi between Shijo and Sanjo, there is still a great place to taste one of the most accessible Japanese

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten

Read a guide to Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten. Sukibayashi Jiro Honten is a sushi restaurant in Tokyo that won three stars from the Michelin Guide.

Michiba Washoku Tateno

Read a review of Michiba Washoku Tateno, a Japanese kaiseki restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

In tachinomi the bar, close to Nishiki Market Kyoto.

Tachinomi In

At the western entrance to the Nishiki covered market, it doesn't look like much with its few lights and its tiny entrance.

French restaurant in Kyoto, Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon

A jovial counter chef, a Lyon stopper-style decor with white and red checkered tablecloths set the tone at this cute little French restaurant...

Café proverbs 15-17

Café proverbs 15-17

Replacing the famous Cafe Peace at the Hyakumanben crossroads, near Kyoto University and Louis Pasteur Clinic, Cafe Proverbs 15-17 is a trendy spot to take a breather...

Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria

Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria

Sun-kissed pasta dishes, Japanese seafood risotto, wines that immerse you in the landscapes of Sicily?



Daiichi is an institution that has been preparing suppon "snapping turtle" for over three hundred and seventy years.

Nishiki Restaurant


Famous and highly prized for longevity, this gourmet brand combines the delights of cuisine in an idyllic setting.



On Imadegawa Street, the colorful red facade of Masutani ramen catches the eye.



You love the bento boxes sold at kobinis... Then you have to try the ultimate bento box experience. The bento prepared at Doraku takes it to a whole new level... This is bento at its best!

A sushi platter at Izuju restaurant.


Established in the heart of Kyoto, this wood-fired and sushi restaurant stands out for its taste and quality products.

Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Aomori Contemporary Art Center Ando

Aomori Contemporary Art Center 国際芸術センター青森 (ACAC) south of Aomori city is located on the grounds of Aomori Public College. It was designed by Tadao Ando.

Gundam Cafe Akihabara Tokyo

Gundam Cafe Akihabara: the very first official Gundam cafe opened in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district in 2010. At night it is a bar.