Ise 伊勢

  • Published on : 28/08/2020
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Discovering Japan's most sacred city

Lost in the middle of Mie prefecture, Ise radiates with a mysterious aura. Cradle of the sun goddess Amaterasu, this small country town is home to Ise-Shingu, the holiest sanctuary in Japan. Ise is also a major cultural town in the region, with its history and geography, welcomes thousands of visitors yearly, eager to unravel all its mysteries.

Un des bâtiments constituant Ise-Jingu

Un des bâtiments constituant Ise-Jingu

Within it, the Okage-Yokocho shopping street allows you to discover local specialties. Udon, Matsusaka beef, or abalone caught by the ama of the neighboring town, countless restaurants in the area have been cooking up great recipes for centuries 

Ise is the third largest tea producer in the country, where Tea and wagashi is the favorite snack. Akafuku, a mochi stuffed with red bean paste, was invented in one of the city's tea houses in the 18th century.

In addition to its restaurants, cafes, and stalls, Okage-Yokocho has many souvenir shops. Homemade honey, pottery, and lucky charms, the street highlights the craftsmanship of Ise!

During the first of the monthTsuitachi Mairi (the first monthly pilgrimage), when stores open very early to offer new things to the brave who come to Oharai-machi after their return from Ise-jingu.

Les fameux akafuku mochi du quartier d'Oharaimachi d'Ise.

Les fameux akafuku mochi du quartier d'Oharaimachi d'Ise.

Ryosuke Yagi

Une des rues du quartier d'Okage Yokocho

Une des rues du quartier d'Okage Yokocho


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