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We then take the path that goes to the left to enter what was the Buddhist heart of the first Nikkô and visit the Rinnô-ji temple, founded by the monk Shôdô Shônin and known for its "hall of the three Buddhas", but also for its splendid Shōyō-en garden. The curious will also go examine the objects of worship (mandalas, bells) preserved in the Treasury Museum (opposite the temple).

Behind the temple, the Tôshô-gu marks the second period of Nikkô: it is the burial place of Tokugawa Ieyasu. This shrine, richly decorated with Chinese influences, required the participation of 15,000 men during its construction between 1634 and 1636. With its gilding and vibrant colors, it is considered one of the finest examples of Momoyama architecture.


La porte Yomeimon, la plus connue du Tosho-gu

Flickr xiquinhosilva


Le mausolée de Ieyasu Tokugawa

Wikimedia Commons


The main hall, Sanbutsudo of Rinnô-ji.


Les trois singes de la sagesse, gravés dans le bois du fronton de l'écurie du Tosho-gu, font partie des symboles de Nikko.

Symboles de Nikko, les trois singes de la sagesse, gravés dans le bois du fronton de l'écurie du Tosho-gu


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