Hakone 箱根

  • Published on : 26/12/2019
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  • Chokoku no Mori, the open-air museum we mentioned earlier, which combines nature and art for the pleasure of the senses. Hakone Tôzan Densha line, Gora station
  • Narukawa Art Museum. More than 4,000 nihonga (Japanese painting) works from the 20th century can be admired here. Perched on a hill, the museum offers, on a clear day, a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. It is a short 3 minute walk from the Motohakone-ko landing stage.
Chôkoku no Mori

Sculpture museum Chôkoku no Mori.


Musée d'art Pola

A l'intérieur du musée d'art Pola.


vent-temps-Fukui Kotaro

Vent / Temps (2013) de Fukui Kotaro

© Musée d'Art Okada

See Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi

The cabins climb and the egg arrives at Owakudani, a volcanic site and a potential stop for a visit amidst the nauseating fumes, for a tasting of black eggs cooked in sulphur laden water.

From Owakudani, the cable car continues, this time descending (when coming from Gora), to reach Togendai, north of Lake Ashi, which shuttles or tourist pirate boats cross, revealing the vermilion torii of the Hakone-jinja shrine, breaking the motionless surface and with it the reflection of Fuji-san, its snow-covered summit, the images it reflects, from its base to its summit, from the forests to the clouds that encapsulate it.

Le grand torii d'Hakone-jinja

Le grand torii d'Hakone-jinja

Jérôme Laborde

La route historique du Tôkaidô

La route historique du Tôkaidô faite de gros pavés dans la montagne

Kabacchi Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) https://www.flickr.com/photos/kabacchi/5659918567

Hakone and its hot springs

Finally, we cannot mention Hakone without mentioning its many hot springs, onsen, known by the Japanese for centuries. There are no less than 17 of them! What a pleasure to be able to soak in them after a day of visit.

Hakone is the favorite spa of Tokyoites who regularly go there on weekends to recharge their batteries and relax away from the crowds of the capital.

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The outside bath of the onsen Hakone yuryo

The open-air bath at Hakone Yuryo onsen


Hakone onsen

A relaxing break in a natural onsen!


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