Nagasaki 長崎

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Nagasaki, a port city with international influences

A port nestled among steep hills, a long exchange with foreign countries, a quietly commemorated tragic background: welcome to Nagasaki, the most cosmopolitan and enjoyable city on Kyushu.

Nagasaki Festivals

Nagasaki's main festivals include the Kunchi Matsuri in early October from 7-9th centered on Suwa Shrine and including Chinese dragon dances, fireworks (hanabi) and colorful costumes. The Nagasaki Lantern Festival in February celebrates Chinese New Year and the city's long history of foreign connections with China and Europe. The Shoro Nagashi Festival takes place on August 15 when hand-made floats are placed in the ocean at Nagasaki Harbor in a ceremony in honor of one's ancestors. From June to August the Nagasaki Dragon Boat Competition (Peiron Boat Races) features Chinese-style dragon boat races in the harbor and other venues in Nagasaki Prefecture. The main races take place on the last weekend of July in Nagasaki harbor in front of the Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal.


Nagasaki Entertainment

Nagasaki's main entertainment area is Shianbashi - the warren of narrow streets and arcades around Shianbashi tram stop: bars, restaurants, soaplands provide all night entertainment. The Nagasaki Dejima Wharf has a number of nice restaurants and cafes overlooking the harbor. The modern Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum designed by architect Kengo Kuma is a stand-out building in this area. The Hamano-machi area, with the Kanko-dori and the Hamano-machi arcades, is ideal for shopping with the Hamaya Department Store also here.

Festival lanterne Nagasaki

Le Festival des lanternes à Nagasaki

Wikimedia Commons

Nagasaki Hunchi, The Chinese Dragon Dance

Nagasaki Kunchi, the Chinese dragon dance

Wikimedia Commons

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  • Location : Nagasaki
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