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What to do during the rainy season?

Japan, with its well-defined seasons, has a special period called tsuyu or rainy season, which generally runs from early June to mid-July

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Japanese giant salamander: The fascinating endemic amphibian of Japan

The Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus) is an incredible amphibian species endemic to Japan.

The sika deer : A fascinating species native to East Asia

The sika deer (Cervus nippon) is a captivating species native to much of East Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, eastern China, Korea, and parts of Russia.

Where to admire the cherry blossoms in spring

Japan is renowned for its distinct and beautiful seasons. One of the most eagerly awaited is undoubtedly spring, with the blossoming of the sakura cherry trees.

ryokan onsen

Onsen: a short guide to proper etiquette

Onsen (hot springs) and sento (public baths) are great places to relax. They are distinct communal areas with very precise rules of good conduct and etiquette.

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The Japanese Serow: Japan's Emblematic Forest-Dwelling Goat-Antelope

The Japanese serow (Capricornis crispus) is an even-toed ungulate mammal endemic to Japan.

Sakura au sanctuaire Senso-ji à Tokyo

Cherry blossoms in Japan - Forecast 2024

The blossoming of cherry trees, called sakura in Japanese, heralds the arrival of spring. Embodying the ephemeral, they reveal their beauty for just two weeks.

The Majestic Red-Crowned Crane: Symbol of Longevity and Peace in East Asia

The red-crowned crane is a rare and iconic species found in East Asia.

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The Four Seasons of Japan: A Traveler's Guide

Japan is known for its distinct four seasons, each offering unique experiences and attractions for visitors.

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Onsen in Japan: A Guide to Natural Hot Springs and Relaxation

Onsen, meaning "hot springs" in Japanese, are natural springs heated by geothermal activity beneath the earth's surface.

Le temple Fushimi Inari Taisha, à Kyoto, sous la pluie

Tsuyu: the rainy season

Japan's Tsuyu rainy season lasts about six weeks, starting in June through mid-July. Only the island of Hokkaido is spared.

Map of the Japan Rail Pass network

The Japan Rail Pass Map: Understanding the Japan Rail Network

The vast network of public transportation operated by the Japan Rail Group (the organization that issues the Japan Rail Pass) traverses the entirety of the country’s mainland.

Mont Fuji winter

Top things to do in winter in Japan

In addition to being the season when you will have the best chance to see Mount Fuji thanks to clear weather, winter in Japan has many surprises in store for you.

The Japanese cherry trees, a symbol of the Rising Sun.

Five tips for a successful hanami

A blue tarp, a cooler full of beer, a park and cherry trees: tips for a successful hanami under the sakura.

Neige au Japon

The best Japanese winter scenery

In Japan, winter is a season as beautiful as spring, summer or autumn.

Yamagata, Tohoku

Things to do in Tohoku

The Tohoku region is famous for its modern and traditional activities, which allow discovering the vastness of the region.

Kansai Thru Pass

Kansai Thru Pass

The Kansai Thru Pass allows unlimited travel on buses, trains, and subways in the Kansai region in western and central Japan.

Château à Fukushima

Tohoku Guide

The Tohoku region consists of the north east part of the main island of Honshu including the six prefectures of Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi and Fukushima.

Plusieurs générations assises à côté dans un métro à Tokyo

Using the metro in Tokyo

It is impossible to do without the subway to explore a city as large as Tokyo.

Autumn in Japan

Autumn Leaves Viewing Places

This fall, Japan Experience shares its selection of the best places to enjoy the Japanese phenomenon of kōyō, when the natural landscape is transformed and the leaves turn red.

Tokyo street by night

The different types of roads in Japan

Before you get behind the wheel, learn more about the different types of roads in Japan.

Le nouveau train GSE 70 000


As of April 2023, Hyperdia has stopped updating its timetable details on route search service, and is thus not the recommended app for train travel anymore. 

Illuminated cherry blossoms at night

Cherry blossoms by night

From Kyushu to northern Honshu, discover the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms... by night! Experience this well-known phenomenon in Japan: yozakura.

Shopping at a supermarket

When visiting Japan, you might have to do some shopping at a supermarket, but don't be intimidated! Here's a guide to what to expect when shopping at a supermarket in Japan...

Asakusa street in Tokyo, Japan

Where to park in Japan ?

Given the urban density of most of the cities in Japan, and the speed with which the authorities notice illegally parked cars, it is very unlikely that you will easily find somewhere when 

Japanese car in front of Mount Fuji

Japanese service stations

In Japan, the customer is king, and this is true for drivers filling up their car at a Japanese gas station.

Japanese road under the Sakura

Tips on renting a car in Japan

In Japan, traveling by car is the ideal solution for those who wish to venture off the beaten track or who dream of a  personalized itinerary.

Shinjuku road

Road signs and driving regulations in Japan

Learn all about road signs and driving rules in Japan before you get behind the wheel!

Route japonaise

Japanese motorways

With Japan Experience, discover everything there is to know before taking a highway in Japan and get ready to explore the country!

Tsumago-juku, Nakasendo

The most beautiful Japanese roads

Stroll through rice paddies, tea fields, or pine forests... Wind through the mountains and along the valleys towards the most remote spa towns.

Japanese Yen

Japanese Currency

Find out more about Japanese currency, yen, where to withdraw cash and other tips you need for your trip to Japan. 

The blue pond of Biei

Travel to Hokkaido Island

For the Japanese, Hokkaido is synonymous with wide-open spaces and wild nature.

Obara Fureai park, between sakura and momiji

Autumn and winter flowers in Japan

We often think of sunny days when we talk about flowers, but what about winter? In Japan, flowers grow year-round.


Kyushu Island in southern Japan

Kyushu offers an endless variety of landscapes from cities to volcanoes, to hot springs and islands.

The historic paths of Kumano Kodo through the forest

Pilgrimage hikes in Japan

The pilgrimage has been a popular exercise in Japan for many centuries.

Mt Tsurugi, Shikoku

Shikoku Island

With its Mediterranean landscapes planted with olive trees along the Inland Sea of Japan (Setouchi), its mountainous landform, rice terraces, lush forests and long white sand beaches, Shikoku deli

Driving in Japan

Put in drive and let the road guide you: driving in Japan is an experience not to be missed when you want to get off the beaten track... provided that you know where your wheels will take you!


The most beautiful natural phenomena of Japan

Besides the blooming sakura and the blushing leaves during the koyo season; events well known to tourists visiting Japan, however, Japan also has many other natural wonders!

Chubu Sangaku National Park

10 of the best national parks in Japan

In Japan, national parks have been classified by the Ministry of the Environment since 1934.


Summer Foods

The Japanese summer is hot. Very hot! Inside, the air conditioning may offer a break, but outside, you might find it hard to find a corner in the shade.

Village Gokayama

5 Japanese Villages to Visit

The image of Japan for many is often futuristic with crowded cities but Japan also has its small ancient villages, a more rural and quiet side of Japan, the heart of Japan.

Un skieur sur les pistes japonaises de Nagano.

Mountains in Japan

Occupying more than 70% of the territory, mountains in Japan are omnipresent and there are few places from which it is impossible to admire them.

Un distributeur ATM.

Withdrawing money in Japan: 10 Things to Know

Please note: Most Japanese merchants refuse foreign credit cards ... Some tips for never running out of cash during your trip.

Zen garden

The most beautiful Japanese Zen gardens

The Zen garden is one of the iconic images of Japan: these dry gardens, composed of sand, rocks, moss, are present in many Zen temples in the country.

The torii of Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima island

Explore Japan in summer 2020

Japan has closed its borders to many countries and the most popular sites are now deserted. This is a perfect opportunity for the lucky ones living in Japan or who can travel and explore these

Experience a spiritual retreat in Japan

Spiritual retreats in Japan

Far from the religious approach, Zen Buddhism is attracting more and more people concerned about their well-being.

100 yen shop

The 100-yen shop in Japan

The "100-yen shop" is an institution in Japan. They cover the needs of daily life for only 110 yen! You can also find very inexpensive stationery and souvenirs to bring back from Japan.


How to enjoy Japan during the rainy season?

From mid-June to early July, it is the rainy season in Japan (known as Tsuyu). Wind, humidity, and heat, this time of year is often shunned by visitors.

Tea ceremony

Attending a tea ceremony in Japan

The tea ceremony is a real traditional art in Japan, during which you get to try matcha green tea accompanied by a traditional sweet.

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Kyushu's Best Onsen Hot Springs

Kyushu's Best Onsen Hot Springs: see a listing of the best onsen resorts in Kyushu including Yamada Bessou and Takegawara Onsen in Beppu and Otobaru Waterfall.

Japan Visitor - fukagawa2018.jpg

Top Ten Not So Famous or Hidden Gardens in Japan

Top Ten Not So Famous or Hidden Gardens in Japan: we introduce ten not-so-famous gardens in Japan. These beautiful gardens live in the shadow of the top 10.

Japan Visitor - saigoku-pilgrimage-1.jpg

Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage

The Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage is an ancient pilgrimage route of 33 Buddhist temples, centered on Kyoto. It is most probably the oldest pilgrimage in Japan.


The Kanto region

A major region of Japan, home to the megalopolis of Tokyo and Yokohama, the Kanto region alone concentrates almost a third of the Japanese population!


Getting around Tokyo with the Yamanote line

With its circular route connecting all the major stations of the Japanese capital, the Yamanote-sen is the essential line for getting around Tokyo.

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Kyoto Tour Two Days in Kyoto Itinerary

Kyoto Tour: Two Days in Kyoto Itinerary: For those travelers to Kyoto who have just 2 days to see the ancient capital's many sites, what to do? What to choose? What to weed out?

Japan Visitor - kanazawa20191.jpg

Top Ten Parks and Gardens in Japan

Top Ten Parks and Gardens in Japan: see a listing of the best Japanese gardens and parks including Kenrokuen, Korakuen, Kairakuen, Rikugien and Katsura Rikyu Imperial Villa.

 Niihama taiko festival

Festivals not to be missed in Shikoku

Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. Located in the southwest of the island of Honshu, it is bathed by the waters of the Seto Isand Sea (Seto Naikai) and the Pacific Ocean.

Japan Visitor - sasaguri-2020-2.jpg

Sasaguri Pilgrimage

The Sasaguri Pilgrimage is a very popular pilgrimage in northern Kyushu that visits 88 Buddhist temples along a 50 kilometer route set in the countryside and mountains near Fukuoka.

Japan Visitor - tattoo-onsen-4.jpg

Tattoos & Hot Spring Bathing

Tattoos & Hot Spring Bathing: Japan has something of a taboo about tattoos but there are many places where you can soak with inked sink throughout the country.

Heian-jingu Kyoto

The Kansai region

At the center of the political and cultural life of Japan for more than 1000 years, due to the presence of the ancient and illustrious imperial capitals, Kyoto and Nara, the Kansai region enjoys a

L'aéroport international du Kansai est construit sur une île artificielle relié à l'archipel par un pont de 3 kilomètres de long.

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Are you arriving at or wanting to reach Kansai International Airport (KIX)? Japan Experience will guide you through everything you need to know to organize your trip.


Japan Visitor - winter-sapporo-10.jpg

Winter in Sapporo

Winter in Sapporo: read a guide to what to do in Sapporo over the winter including the Sapporo Snow Festival, Susukino Ice World, Sapporo Olympic Museum and Lake Shikotsu.


How much does the ascent of Mount Fuji cost?

Once at the top, a majestic view awaits ... But consider, everything comes at a cost, here's what you'll pay to climb Japan's highest sacred mountain.

100 yen shop

10 gifts to bring back from Japan

In Japan, the omiyage (souvenir) is a tradition and social obligation. The Japanese give them to family, friends, but also to neighbors and colleagues.


Kōyō, travel in Japan during fall

The beauty of the colors with which the trees are adorned in autumn is ephemeral, the Japanese have made it a feast of the contemplation of time passing: the momijigari, the kōyō hunt, the blushing

Yukata Tanabata Matsuri

Yukata and jinbei: dressing for summer

For several years now, we have seen many Japanese women, but also foreigners from all over the world, strolling through Japanese cities in summer in a yukata.


The Chubu region

Chubu is the central region of the island of Honshu, nestled between Kanto to the east and Kansai to the west.

Hottarakashi onsen in Yamanashi

5 Onsen with a view

Relax in an outdoor hot spring surrounded by nature, overlooking the sea, forest, or even Mount Fuji. It's a must-try experience.


The best onsen in the Tohoku region

The onsen, hot baths created by natural thermal springs, are a classic not to be missed during a stay in Japan.


The castles of Tohoku

Tohoku is the large region northeast of the island of Honshu. Rural and home to a number of natural and historical treasures, including many castles.


The best ski resorts in Japan

Almost 70% of Japanese land is covered by mountains and the best ski resorts listed amongst the world are right here making it a real paradise for skiers!

Particulièrement apprécié, le jardin de Shinjuku attire les japonais, les touristes et les photographes pendant toute la fleuraison des cerisiers.

Where to admire the cherry blossoms this winter?

Emblematic flowers of spring in Japan, Cherry blossoms tint the landscapes of the country with pink each year when the warm weather returns.

Kyoto Yasaka Pagoda

10 tips for a first trip to Japan

Are you soon going on a trip to the archipelago for the first time and you are not sure that you know the habits and customs of Japan well?

Hôtel capsule

Capsule hotels in Japan

Do you like sleeping in a cozy capsule? This is the principle behind Japanese capsule hotels, located throughout major Japanese cities.

Les Yuki Monsters de Zaô Onsen

Where to see the Snow Monsters of Japan?

The formation of "Snow Monsters" is due to an exceptional climatic phenomenon that occurs only at the peak of certain Japanese mountains.

The best rotenburo in winter

What's better than soaking in a hot bath after a day of sightseeing and exploring? Onsens are hot springs water from thermal springs of volcanic origin.

Fusée parfaite !

The best winter fireworks in Japan

The Japanese are fond of fireworks, called hanabi .

Japan Visitor - woof1.jpg

WWOOF Japan Volunteering

Experience rural Japan and organic farms by volunteering with WWOOF Japan in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, southern Japan.

Japan Visitor - kochicastle-2017-1.jpg

Original Japanese Castles

There are 12 original Japanese castles including Himeji Castle, Hirosaki, Inuyama, Matsumoto, Kochi, Maruoka, Matsue, Uwajima and Matsuyama.

Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan 

Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan 

Japan will host the Rugby World Cup this year from 20 september to 2 November. Order your Japan Rail Pass

Japan Visitor - shimatetsu-ferry-1.jpg

Kuchinotsu to Oniike Ferry Amakusa Islands

Kuchinotsu to Oniike Ferry: Shimatetsu ferries ply between Kuchinotsu Port in Nagasaki and Oniike Ferry Terminal on Shimoshima Island in the Amakusa Islands, Kumamoto.

Vue sur le mont Fuji

The must-see places to visit in Japan

What images come to mind when you imagine Japan? The immensity of the capital, Mount Fuji, the temples...


The most beautiful cities in Japan

Japan is full of beautiful places but it is easy to get lost when planning your itinerary.

Antique Wedding Kimonos Uchikake

Antique Wedding Kimonos Uchikake

Antique wedding kimonos uchikake are the red, silk, decorative over-garment worn by a Japanese bride in a traditional wedding.

Le monorail du zoo de Ueno

Traveling by monorail in Japan

Unlike other countries, such as the United States, Japan has perfected its rail system, including the monorail, which is more practical due to its fast and economical production, but above all buil

Coin lockers

In Japan, automatic lockers, called coin lockers, are everywhere and commonly used.

Japan's national parks

Japan is an archipelago of volcanic islands which extends over more than 3000 kilometers from the Russian coast to the island of Taiwan, creating a great diversity of landscapes that have been clas

Japan's 100 waterfalls

Japan has many lists of its natural and cultural beauties, such as the list of 100 Famous Mountains of Japan.

A small fishing village and a view of Kurushima bridge along the Shimanami Kaido.

Traveling by Bike in Japan

Discover the best routes and areas for cycling in Japan, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

Un billet pour assister à un tournoi de sumo.

Sumo tournament in Japan: a guide to witnessing the fights

Sumo is a rare spectacle: six tournaments are organized each year in four cities of the country. Here's a little guide for those interested in watching the match live.

Japanese Good Luck Charm

Omikuji Omamori Good Luck Charms

Japanese good luck charms, known as omamori or omikuji, can be found in temples and shrines in Japan. Omamori is a lucky charm made by priests.

Japan Visitor - yakushimabus3.jpg

Yakushima Transport Buses & Car Hire

Yakushima Transport: read how to get around Yakushima by public buses, tour buses, car hire, taxi or bicycle.

Japan Visitor - kagoshimaairport4.jpg

Kagoshima Airport

Kagoshima Airport (KOJ) is the second busiest airport in Kyushu after Fukuoka and has flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya as well as international flights to China and South Korea.

Stade de Baseball de Yokohama

Olympics 2020 - Baseball and Softball

Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1872 and is currently one of the most popular sports in the country. Baseball will therefore naturally return to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - awajiferry1.jpg

Akashi to Awaji Island Ferry

Akashi to Awaji Island Ferry: a high speed ferry runs from Akashi in Honshu to the Iwaya Ferry Terminal in the north of Awaji Island.

Neuf festivals de la neige au Japon

Nine snow festivals in Japan

There's something magical about Japan in winter... Especially when it snows, under illuminations, and even fireworks, the first snowflakes are often synonymous with festivities around the country.

Coffee chains in Japan

Straight from the United States, the familiar coffee chains are widespread in Japan. Starbucks, Doutor, Excelsior...

Admiring Irises in Japan

After the sakura season, flowers continues to bloom.

Admiring Lotuses in Japan

Japanese lotuses are unique with their huge round leaves and flowers having pink, red, or white petals. Open or closed, they are magnificent and give off an intoxicating fragrance.

Glycine Kameido-tenjin

Admire Wisteria in Japan

Wisteria turn heads from mid-April to early May with its millions of small, intoxicatingly scented flowers.

Mount Fuji in winter

Japan's 100 Famous Mountains

The "100 famous mountains of Japan" are a list of mountains in the country established by the Japanese writer and mountaineer Kyuya Fukada in 1964 in a book, for which he obtained the Yomiuri P

Japan Visitor - minkaen20191.jpg

Open Air Museums in Japan

Open Air Museums in Japan collect and display historic buildings from their surrounding areas and recreate a Japanese architectural heritage.

Bain japonais en extérieur (rotenburo)

Four types of establishments to find hot springs in Japan

When we think of onsen, we immediately think of ryokan, these traditional inns that offer the possibility of experiencing the pleasures of Japanese bathing by spending a night in

Underground Japan

Japan is known for the diversity of its landscapes and panoramas that charm tourists across the country. But it also has a lot to offer in its basements...

Le sanctuaire d'Izumo-Taisha


In recent years, a phenomenon has appeared in Japan, the 'Power spots'. They are places where some people feel the positive energy from nature and have spiritual experiences.

Japan Visitor - preservationstreet1.jpg

Historic Streetscapes Preservation Districts in Japan

Preservation Districts in Japan for Groups of Traditional Buildings (Historic Streetscapes): there are 118 such districts scattered from Okinawa to Hokkaido.

Koyasan Shukubo

Sleeping in a temple: the habits and customs of shukubo

A unique travel experience in Japan, spending the night in a Japanese temple allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of monastic life.

Lake Ashi

Romantic getaways

Are you looking for a romantic trip with your loved one? Here is a selection of 5 romantic getaways across the country.

The share-house, an economical way to find accommodation in Japan

When you go on a trip to Japan for more than a month, the hotel is not necessarily the most economical solution when it comes to accommodation.

L’hôtel OMO5 à Otsuka, Tokyo

Omo hotels

In the spring of 2018, the hotel chain Hoshino Resorts opened two hotels of new kind.

Coastal Road

Traveling in Japan by motorhome

Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience? Why not roam the roads of Japan and discover the hidden beauty of the country by yourself?

Japan Visitor - yurt2.jpg

Stay in a Yurt on Naoshima

Stay in a Yurt on Naoshima: one of the best and cheapest options on Naoshima is to stay right on the beach in a Mongolian Yurt.

Le Godzilla d'accueil du Toho Shinjuku

Surprising hotels in Japan

Being greeted by robots, sleeping in capsules and waking up to Godzilla... Welcome to Japan! Discover exceptional accommodations that you will only find in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Un Love Hotel en forme de château

Love Hotel

The Love Hotel is a bona fide institution in Japan, while the concept continues to fascinate beyond the borders of Japan...

The three most scenic spots in Japan

The torii gate of Miyajima Island, in Hiroshima Bay, is one of the most iconic images of Japan.

Book-Off Kyoto

Book Off, second-hand books

The yellow Book Off sign thrones in the streets of many cities in Japan, becoming as iconic as restaurant chains such as Mos Burger or the king of discount Don Quijote!


Golf Mont Fuji

Golf in Japan

Next to baseball, golf is one of the favorite sports of the Japanese. Japan has become a paradise for golfers to enjoy the numerous excellent golf courses around the country!

L'ombre du mont Fuji sur les nuages

Where to sleep on Mount Fuji

Many travelers climb Mount Fuji during the day to watch the sunrise the next morning.

Une melody road de la préfecture de Nagano

The melody roads

In Japan, there are around thirty melody roads, or musical roads, spread throughout the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Promenade autour de Karuizawa

Japanese festivals in October

Autumn is here! And even if the maple leaves aren't quite ready to blush, October is a month full of festivities with matsuri organized every weekend.

Vue sur le mont Tsukuba depuis une montagne voisine

Hikes near Tokyo off the beaten track

After spending hours in the crowded Tokyo subway, treat yourself to a day of fresh air away from the city.

Couple célébrant le Hanabi

Travelling in Japan as a couple

Japan is full of ideal excursions and activities to build unforgettable memories.


5 places of horror after dark

Haikyo is an abandoned and haunted place full of unexplained phenomena: where Youkai, ghosts, and evil spirits thrive!

Vue sur Nagasaki depuis le mont Inasa

Japan's three best views

The Japanese are keen on rankings and have been for a long time.

Top night activities in Japan

The Sunset is quite early in Japan, but not interested in going home to slump in front of the television...  because when the neon lights turn on, the party begins: Discover our selection of a

Golden Pavilion

Visiting Japan off-season

Visiting the Japanese archipelago off-season can be a great idea, with many advantages compared with traveling at the most popular times. Discover another side of Japan...


5 reasons to visit Japan

Japan attracts tourists for its magnificent landscapes, culture, and people's friendliness, and its pop culture is known worldwide. Here are five top reasons to visit Japan!


bus kyoto

Public transportation fares in Kyoto

Kyoto, the former imperial capital, is an important place to visit during a trip to Japan.

Freeway rest areas in Japan

In addition to allowing motorists to rest for a few minutes during a long journey, the rest areas offer them, in addition to what to eat, a whole host of small, even sometimes extravagant pleasures

Japan Visitor - salamander20186.jpg

Japanese Giant Salamander Tours

Japanese Giant Salamander Tours: join an evening eco tour of the habitat of the Japanese Giant Salamander in Nichinan, Tottori Prefecture.

L'ombre du mont Fuji sur les nuages

Climbing Mount Fuji: the rules of good conduct

Until 2013, Mount Fuji was refused registration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a long time, particularly for the amount of waste that polluted its sides.

Sur le toit du Japon

Feature: Climbing Mount Fuji


Japan Experience climbed Mount Fuji as soon as the slopes of the volcano opened in early July. After five hours of effort, a reward: the sunrise from the summit, a magical moment.

Must-see shinto shrines

Recognisable by their red torii gates, Shinto shrines are an integral part of the local landscape in Japan.

tamiya kitamura

Stay in a minshuku in Asuka

Surprisingly, the small village of Asuka, not far from Nara, is in fact the first capital of Japan! It is now a traditional village, all that is most picturesque.

Sunset in Jodogahama

The Top 10 best beaches in Japan

Japan is surrounded by the sea, and as a result the country is dotted with beautiful beaches. White sand, crystal clear waters and magnificent scenery.

Surfing in Japan

Japan may not automatically spring to mind when thinking about a destination for surfing, but nevertheless Japan has some decent spots that attract amateur boarders.

Des fleurs de toutes les formes et couleurs

Hydrangeas in Japan

The rainy season marks the beginning of the flowering of hydrangeas in Japan, much-loved and beautiful flowers found throughout the archipelago.

Japan Visitor - moderntatara1.jpg

Tatara Furnaces

Tatara was the technology for producing iron and steel used in Japan since ancient times. Sometimes called a bloomery, sometimes forge, tatara are most commonly known as furnaces.

Totoro vous accueille à l'entrée du musée Ghibli

The best museums to do with children in Japan

To stop "dragging" your children around museums, here is our selection of places that will delight young and old, with links to find out more.

The Fireworks Festival is Fukuroi to rank among the top 5 best fireworks Japan.

The 10 fireworks not to be missed during the summer

Grab your calendar and plan your tour of Japan's biggest fireworks! In summer, a real multicolored festival awaits you across the country.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Free tours in Japan

Traveling in Japan is quite expensive but whether it is religious sites, parks or unique places, it is possible to visit many places without spending a yen.

La plongée au Japon

Where to dive in Japan?


Japan is a country made up of a multitude of islands, which is certainly a paradise for diving in the middle of multicolored fish and magnificent underwater landscapes.

Disabled access in Japan

In recent years, Japan has revised a large part of its public infrastructure and transport to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Torii of Fushimi Inari Taisha

Cheap travel in Kyoto

Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, is an essential place to visit after Tokyo. Famous for its temples and traditional districts, it is not always easy to get by on a small budget.

Les Brave Blossoms lors de la coupe du monde de rugby en 2015

Follow the Japan team during the Rugby World Cup 2019™

For total immersion during your trip, follow the Japanese team for their pool matches from September 20 to October 13 across the country.

Logo du XV de France

Follow the French team during the Rugby World Cup™ in Japan

The schedule of group matches for the Rugby World Cup which will take place in Japan from September 2019 has been released.

The Port of Thunder, Kaminari-mon, marks the entrance to the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa (Tokyo).

Sights and activities for smaller budgets

Japan is traditionally perceived as a rather expensive destination. However, many free or inexpensive activities are on offer if you know where to look.


5 tips for cheap travel to Japan as a student

Being a student often means having a limited budget during your trips...

Patricia Loison's winter in Japan

Journalist Patricia Loison gives us her impressions of Japan's harsh winter.

Le Mont Takao haut de 599 mètres.

Six mountains under 1,000 meters to climb

For budding mountaineers who don't yet have the stuff to tackle Mount Fuji, here is a list of accessible mountains with breathtaking views.

The Best Snow Festivals in Japan

In winter, festivals don't hibernate in Japan! When it comes to snow, it's the northern regions that are in the spotlight. Discover some festivals not to be missed if you visit Japan in winter.

Room Business Hotel

Business hotels

Finding a place to sleep in Japan on a budget can be tricky, as hotel prices can be high, especially when looking at traditional Japanese accommodation, ryokan, or when staying in particularly tou

Japan Visitor - yutoritoline1.jpg

Yutorito Line Nagoya

The Yutorito Line is a guided bus route running on a 6.5km elevated track in downtown Nagoya later becoming a normal bus in the suburbs from Obata Ryokuchi Koen.

Kyoto Street

5 ways to enjoy Kyoto in winter

Winter can be a great season to visit Japan. Generally visited during the spring or fall, Kyoto is also delightful in winter.

The Daisetsuzan national park in winter

The most beautiful snowy Japanese landscapes

During a trip to Japan in winter, be sure to visit the following spots! You'll be surprised to discover how the season transforms the Japanese landscapes...

Japan Visitor - sensuijima1.jpg

Tomonoura & Sensuijima Guide

Tomonoura, near Fukuyama in Hiroshima Prefecture, is a scenic port town featured in Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki and The Wolverine.


The most beautiful Japanese libraries

Japan has exceptional libraries in terms of its architecture, history, and collections. Discover in this selection, the most celebrated and inspiring!

Japan Visitor - tokuyamaferry1.jpg

Tokuyama to Takedatsu Ferry

The Suonada Ferry runs from Tokuyama on the southern coast of Yamaguchi over to Takedatsu on the north coast of the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture on Kyushu in two hours.

Inside a ryokan in Japan.


From bathing to gastronomy, ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, offer an unforgettable experience to travelers in search of authenticity.

8 reasons why Japan is an ideal destination for women traveling alone


Here is a list of the top reasons why Japan is a top destination for women traveling alone.


Japan introduces a departure tax

Japan is preparing to introduce a new tax in early 2019 for all travelers leaving the country.

Japan Visitor - nagoyabus2018-3.jpg

Nagoya City Buses

Nagoya city buses: read a guide to buses operating in Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture including Nagoya City Buses and Meitetsu Buses.

Stone lantern in Japanese garden

Traditional Industries of Kyoto The Art of Stone Carving

Kyoto The Art of Stone Carving: Stone working began in Japan during the Tumulus Period and developed with the introduction and spread of Buddhism.

Japan Visitor - asano-kajiya-1.jpg

Make A Samurai Knife

Make your own samurai knife in a day course led by Fusataro Asano, a certified Japanese sword maker, in Gifu-hashima, close to Nagoya.

The exterior of the Edo Tokyo Museum in contrast with the history it contains.

Top 10 museums to see in Japan

Discover the 10 most popular museums for foreign tourists during their visit to Japan!

5 Reasons to Travel to Japan in Winter

From December to March, Japan doesn't hibernate: between the many festivals and the clear, bright days, winter is a great time to visit. 

Japan Visitor - childrenspark4.jpg

Top 3 Children's Playgrounds in Tokyo

Top 3 Children's Playgrounds in Tokyo: read a guide to the top 3 children's playgrounds in Tokyo.

Hikyo eki

In recent years some Japanese stations have begun to disappear - they haven't been completely consumed by nature, but they have become less and less frequented over time: they are called hik

Japan Visitor - kyoto-rail-museum-3.jpg

Railway Museums in Japan

Railway Museums in Japan: see a listing of railway and subway museums in Japan including Kyoto Railway Museum, Omiya Railway Museum, Ome Railway Museum and the Scmaglev and Railway Park in Nagoya.

Private train lines in Japan

In Japan, several railway companies operate the various rail networks.

Japan Visitor - meitetsu-bus-center-2017-2.jpg

Meitetsu Bus Center

Meitetsu Bus Center inside the Meitetsu department store in the Nagoya Station (Meieki) area of Nagoya is a bus terminal for highway buses to many parts of Japan.

Japan Visitor - iejima-2017-2.jpg

Bozejima & Iejima

Bozejima & Iejima, in Hyogo Prefecture, are two islands in the Inland Sea off the coast of Himeji. Fishing and quarrying are the main industries on the islands.

Women only cars on trains

To protect female passengers from unwanted attention when they travel, some Japanese rail companies have started designating women-only cars in their trains.


Japan Visitor - sakae-bus-terminal-6.jpg

Sakae Bus Terminal Nagoya

The Sakae Bus Terminal in the Oasis 21 Building in Nagoya is a major bus terminal for local Nagoya city buses, Meitetsu buses, limousine buses to Chubu International Airport (Centrair), Gifu buses

zoen - Japanese landscape gardening.

Zoen Japanese Landscaping Gardens

Zoen Japanese Landscaping: the various elements of a garden, including trees, stones, grasses, sand and moss, all have distinctive meaning as symbols.

Japan Visitor - shojiuedamus.jpg

Daisen Loop Bus

The Daisen Loop Bus is an April to November bus service out of Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, for cheap and easy access to over 20 nearby attractions in and around Daisen National Park.

Night trains in Japan

There is only one night train left in Japan: the Sunrise Express, connecting Tokyo to Takamatsu and Izumoshi.

Japan Visitor - miyagi-prefecture-2017-1.jpg

Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture is located in the southern part of the Tohoku region of northern Japan on the Pacific Coast.

Japan Visitor - akita-prefecture-2017-1.jpg

Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture (秋田県) in the far north of Honshu is known for its rice, sake, beautiful women and the Akita breed of dog.

Ville d'Aomori, préfecture d'Aomori, la nuit

Aomori Prefecture Guide Tohoku

Discover Aomori, the northernmost prefecture on Honshu famous for its festivals and its delicious apples. 

Where to enjoy the autumn leaves in Japan

This fall, Japan Experience shares its selection of the best places to enjoy the Japanese phenomenon of koyo, when the natural landscape is transformed and the leaves turn red.

Affordable Japan Tours

At Japan Experience we offer several tour options - self-guided, tailor-made or group tours - for those on a budget. Here is our selection.

Pasmo cards can be used all over Japan

IC Smartcards in Japan

A prepaid IC smartcard is the the most convenient way to ride public transport in Japan and pay for things in participating stores by simply swiping.

Japan Visitor - nagoya-bus-terminal-1.jpg

Nagoya Station Bus Terminal

Nagoya Station Bus Terminal is a major Nagoya City Bus Terminal with buses to various destinations. The Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus also departs from Nagoya Station Bus Terminal.

Japan Visitor - meguru-nagoya-bus-2.jpg

Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus

The Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus is a loop bus that tours Nagoya's main attractions in a circuit from the Bus Center at JR Nagoya Station.

Traditional Minshuku

Cheap accommodation in Japan

Preparing for a trip to Japan is in itself quite an experience. Managing your budget too, especially since for many Japan is often synonymous with high prices... Think again!

Japan Visitor - hiroshima-transport-2017-11.jpg

Hiroshima Trams

Hiroshima trams are operated by Hiroden 広電. Hiroshima's tram network is the longest and most used streetcar network in Japan.

Japan Visitor - hiroshima-transport-2017-3.jpg

Hiroshima Transport

Hiroshima transport: read a guide to transport in Hiroshima including Hiroden trams, city buses, the Astram Line, ferries and taxis.

Japan Visitor - matsuyama-ferry-1.jpg

Matsuyama Ferries

Matsuyama ferries: find information on ferries to Matsuyama from Hiroshima and Kure. Find ferry timetables, fares and contact details.

Japan Visitor - matsuyama-transport-2.jpg

Matsuyama Transport

Matsuyama transport: find information on getting to and getting around Matsuyama by train, bus, tram and ferry.

Japan Visitor - wild-japan-2017-2.jpg

Wild Vacations in Japan

Japan is actually a wildlife paradise.

In Bagus Gran Cyber ​​Cafe in Shibuya streets, visitors can spend the night smoothing manga by ten.

The kissa manga

Halfway between the library and the cyber cafe, manga kissa rent private boxes by the hour so you can enjoy your manga without interruption and or get some shut-eye!! 

Japan Visitor - kochi-tram-2017-1.jpg

Kochi Trams

Kochi trams: Read a guide to the streetcar / tram network in Kochi city on Shikoku.

Japan Visitor - osaka-buses-2017-1.jpg

Osaka Buses

Osaka buses: see a listing of the various bus routes in Osaka from the main bus terminals, plus limousine buses to Osaka's airports and highway bus to other cities in Japan.

Japan Visitor - tokyo_tower_11.jpg

Tokyo in a Day

Tokyo in one day: get the most out of Tokyo on just a single day, whatever your interests.

Japan Visitor - henro-2017-5.jpg

Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is a 1,200 kilometer pilgrimage to 88 temples in Shikoku associated with Kobo Daishi. The Shikoku Pilgrimage is the most well-known pilgrimage in Japan.

Japan Visitor - kobe-bus-2017-100.jpg

Kobe Buses

Kobe buses: read a guide to riding the bus in Kobe including Kobe city buses, Hanshin buses, Kobe City Loop Bus and Kobe Minato Kanko Buses.

Japan Visitor - tama-toshi-monorail-1.jpg

Tama Toshi Monorail

The Tama Toshi Monorail offers a convenient north-south rail connection between the central western suburbs of Tokyo. Tama Monorail links the cities of Higashi Yamato, Tachikawa, Hino and Tama.

Stone lantern in Japanese garden

Japanese Garden Stones

Japanese garden stones are the most important feature of a Japanese garden. If the ground is the flesh of a Japanese garden, then the stones are its bones.

Japan Visitor - mt_fuji_teax.jpg

Shizuoka Prefecture

Sunny Shizuoka Prefecture, in central Honshu, Japan, is home to Mt. Fuji, Japan's main source of tea, and has many famous vacation resorts.

Japan Visitor - nishitetsubus2.jpg

Nishitetsu Buses Fukuoka

Nishitetsu is the major bus company in Fukuoka Prefecture running local and long distance buses linking Fukuoka, Dazaifu and Kokura.

Sunflower is the emblem of the village of Kyogoku

Seven Summer Excursions in Japan

How about enjoying a cooler Japanese summer, away from the humidity of the big city?

The Otaue festival in Osaka, celebrates the planting of rice

Top ten unusual summer festivals

Summer is the period of festivals in Japan. Discover our picks of some of the more unusal matsuri.

Japan Visitor - chugoku-2017.jpg

Chugoku Guide

Read a guide to the Chugoku (San-in San'yo) region consisting of the prefectures of Okayama, Shimane,
Hiroshima, Tottori and Yamaguchi in the far south west of Honshu.

Japan Visitor - fukuoka-2017.jpg

Kyushu Guide

The Kyushu region consists of the third largest island in Japan and the most south westerly of the four main Japanese islands.


Cheap shopping in Japan

The cost of living is high in Japan. Nevertheless, there are deals and places to shop without breaking the bank.


What is the difference between ryokan and minshuku?

Japan offers several forms of traditional accommodation. Among these, ryokan and minshuku are popular with travelers looking for authenticity.

Enjoy the Hokkaido countryside by car.

Seven regions to visit by car in Japan

Discovering Japan by car is easy, and lets you reach areas that are much further off the beaten track. Here's our selection of the regions to visit.

Lake Ashi

Views of Mount Fuji: 5 ideal places for viewing

Viewing Mount Fuji remains one of the most ardent desires of travelers to Japan.

Akimahen: the guide to good manners in Kyoto

In Kyoto, there are rules to be respected. The city publishes a guide to good behavior for travelers on its website, a mixture of common sense and explanations of Japanese culture.

Japan Visitor - northern-japan-2017-2.jpg

Six Reasons to Visit Northern Japan in Late Winter

Read six reasons to visit northern Japan in late winter including mind blowing festivals, hot springs in the snow, seafood, winter sports, sake and scenery.

Abandoned hotels in Japan

Despite real estate pressures, there are still a lot of abandoned hotels in Japan. Today, they have become haunting places that are adream come true for urban explorers.

Tozai Megurin Bus

Tozai Megurin Bus Yanaka

Tozai Megurin Bus Yanaka 東西めぐりん - The red and white retro-styled Tozai Megurin is a community bus service around Taito-ku in Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - jstadium-2.jpg

J-League Top 5 Stadiums

Here is a listing of the top five soccer stadiums in Japan including International Stadium, Yokohama and Saitama Stadium in Saitama.

Lighthouse in Japan

Richard Henry Brunton & Lighthouses in Japan

Richard Henry Brunton (1841-1901) was a Scottish engineer responsible for construction of 26 lighthouses on the coast of Japan during the Meiji Period.

Kitaoji Bus Terminal

Kitaoji Bus Terminal and the connected Kitaoji subway station are a major transport hub in northern Kyoto. Vivre Mall and Kyoto North Hall are part of the station complex.

Kengo Kuma

Where to see the work of Kengo Kuma

Discover the achievements of Kengo Kuma, one of the major contemporary artists in Japan.

Japan Visitor - tokushimamuseum20191.jpg

Shikoku Museums

Shikoku and its four prefectures of Kagawa, Ehime, Tokushima and Kochi have many interesting museums and art galleries to draw the visitor.

Friperie à Tokyo

3 second-hand shops in Japan

From the tiny boutique to the store on several floors, thrift stores and vintage boutiques in Japan have something to delight bargain hunters and frilly lovers .

Five places to see deers in Japan

In the Shinto religion, some animals are considered divine messengers, and the deer is one of them! Take the time to go and visit some.

Taxi fares in Japan

Japanese taxis are plentiful and safe but can be relatively expensive, especially in large cities.

Useful drugs in Japanese pharmacies

A headache spoiling your trip? No worries! Here are some of the common over-the-counter drugs in Japan for relief.



Less well-known than Kabuki or Noh, Rakugo is also an integral part of Japanese artistic culture. The relaxed atmosphere attracts all ages.

Tsukuba Bus Station, Ibaraki Prefecture

Tsukuba Bus Station (Tsukuba Center)

Tsukuba Bus Station つくばバスセンター is opposite Tsukuba Station. Both local and highway buses to Tokyo, Nagoya, Haneda, and Narita depart from Tsukuba Center.


Top 3 Gyudon Restaurants in Japan

Top 3 Gyudon Restaurants in Japan 牛丼: Gyudon is typical Japanese fast food. The top 3 gyudon restaurants in Japan are Sukiya, Matsuya and Yoshinoya.

Hiking in Japan

With nearly 75% of the land occupied by mountains and volcanoes, Japan is an ideal destination for hikers.

Uchiwa, the Japanese fan

The uchiwa, traditional fan, is an essential accessory in the summer in Japan. This fan will become your best friend in the 40°C summer heat!

Japan Visitor - mihonoseki8.jpg

Shimane Prefecture

Shimane Prefecture: read a guide to Shimane Prefecture in the Chugoku region of south west Japan including the cities of Matsue, Izumo, Hamada and Masuda.

Japan Visitor - nagoya-highlight-6.jpg

Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture located in the Chubu area of central Japan is both an industrial and agricultural powerhouse centered on the city of Nagoya.

Japanese flowers.

Japanese Flowers Top 10 Flowering Plants

Top 10 Japanese Flowers & Flowering Plants: Japan is home to a huge variety of plants and one of the joys of visiting is to experience its varied flora.

Mie Prefecture

Mie is a mainly rural prefecture with its prefectural capital Tsu located close to Nagoya - attractions in Mie include Ise Jingu and the ninja museum at Iga-Ueno.

Japan Visitor - lakebiwa20191.jpg

Shiga Prefecture

Shiga Prefecture in the Kansai area of western Japan completely encircles Lake Biwa and borders Kyoto, Fukui, Gifu and Mie prefectures.

In Tokyo, the Wired Cafe have a Free Spot and can be found in many places and have computers free service.

10 advantages of internet access in Japan

Uninterrupted internet access in Japan has far more advantages than simply allowing you to check your email. Here are 10 reasons to stay connected and improve your trip to Japan.

Summer music festivals in Japan

We know about the Japanese traditional festivals, matsuri, but these days large outdoor music festivals are becoming increasingly popular.

Toll cards in Japan

Japan's toll gates represent 30% of the causes of traffic congestion on highways. Thanks to ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) gates, they'll soon be nothing but a bad memory.

Taking the City Bus

Across Japan, in addition to trains and subways, buses weave through the city, bound for multiple destinations.

Hyogo Prefecture

Hyogo Prefecture is located in west central Japan with both Inland Sea and Sea of Japan coastlines with its prefectural capital the port city of Kobe.

Tottori Prefecture

Tottori is a mainly rural prefecture with its coastline famous for the Tottori Sand Dunes - part of the San'in Kaigan Global Geopark.

Domestic Flights in Japan

Flying can be the best way to travel long distances in Japan, as airlines are very competitive with their flights.

Riding a Motorcycle in Japan

Japan is known worldwide for its motorcycle brands, but people don't know that it's also a great country to explore on two wheels...


Do you know about Japanese rickshaws? They are called jinrikisha, and are a descendant of the sedan chair.

Manyosen Light Rail Takaoka

Manyosen Light Rail Takaoka

Manyosen Light Rail Takaoka 万葉線 - The Manyosen Light Rail system operates in the city of Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture.

Busta Shinjuku

Busta Shinjuku is the bus and taxi terminal for Shinjuku Station, located at the station's south end, and connecting the area by highway bus with destinations throughout Japan.

Coin Lockers At Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station coin lockers: where to find and how to use coin lockers in and around Kyoto Station.

Nihon Sankei

Choosing the most beautiful places in Japan seems impossible, considering all the amazing places in the country! Fortunately, the Japanese themselves have an official list.

ICOCA & Haruka

ICOCA & Haruka: the ICOCA & Haruka pass provides either a one-way or return ride on the Haruka Express from KIX plus an ICOCA IC card for Kansai buses and subway.

Japan Visitor - ginzankaido4.jpg

Hiking in Japan

Hiking in Japan: read a guide to hiking in Japan from the snowy mountains of Hokkaido to the sub-tropical forests of Okinawa.

Japan Visitor - nara-bus-9.jpg

Nara City Buses

Nara buses: read a guide to getting around Nara by bus including bus fares, bus routes and bus passes for tourists.

Money in Japan

It may be surprising that so many Japanese keep large amounts of cash on them, but we advise you to do the same during your stay.

Narita Express Discount from March 2015!

For the past few years Japan has focused its efforts on foreign tourism, including through the "cool Japan" campaign. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the lower prices and bet

What to do in an earthquake?

Knowing how to behave in case of a high magnitude earthquake is important in order to ensure your safety during a stay in Japan. Here is a short survival guide!

One entrance to the Teramachi-dori shopping street (Kyoto).

How to read addresses in Kyoto?

Kyoto City addresses are among the most complex of Japan and often confuse even Google Maps! Here are a few tips to get your head around them. 

Rent a Bicycle in Kyoto

Kyoto lends itself admirably to a bike tour. It's one way to explore the back alleys of the city freely and at your own pace! 

Visiting Japan by Bus

The Japanese company Willer Express offers a pass for unlimited travel for all foreign visitors to  Japan. Another way to visit the archipelago with complete freedom!

The Asakusa district in Tokyo, lined aisles shopping leads to Kaminanimon the Thunder Gate.

15 Days in Japan

Discover the best places to visit during a 15 day trip in Japan, and design your own personal itinerary!

With 634 meters high, the Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest building in the Japanese capital.

Japan in just 10 days

Ten days is the average length of stay in Japan. What to do during this time? How long should you devote to each city? Here are four types of itineraries to chose from.

Public Transport in Japan

Shinkansen, trains, subways, buses: discover the most practical Japanese public transport for your trip.

The Regional JR Passes

A Regional JR Pass can be useful if you would like to visit a particular region of Japan. Here's a quick overview!

Traveling in Japan With Disabilities

Japan is one of the countries in the world that have taken this issue to heart the most. With an ageing Japanese population, accessibility has increasingly become a focus.

Safety in Japan

Japan is a safe country - everyone will tell you that. The streets exude security and if you lose something, you have every chance of finding it in the same place... But forewarned is forearmed.

Japan's Age of Majority Changed to 18

This is a historic decision in Japan. The age of majority last month went from 20 to 18 years old, transforming millions of young Japanese life.

4 places to get goosebumps in Japan

Japan also has its dark side and Japanese ghosts are now everywhere, including in the movies. Some places in Japan are at the origin of some of our greatest fears...

Etajima to Hiroshima Ferry

Etajima to Hiroshima Port Ferry

Etajima to Hiroshima Port Ferry: If you are traveling from Hiroshima to cycle around Etajima or visit the Museum of Naval History on the island chances are you will take the ferry from Hiroshi

Hiroshima Loop Bus

Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus

The Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus (Hiroshima meipuru-pu) is an excellent way for tourists to get around Hiroshima, especially if you have a Japan Rail Pass.

Traveling by Ferry

While Japan is known for its exceptional trains and railway network, it is also possible, and enjoyable, to travel by ferry between the islands of the archipelago for a simple crossing or even a cr

Disney is definitely a place of magic for children but also for adults.

Visiting Japan as a family

Japan is a destination that is suited to family stays. It is safe and theft is rare. There are many activities for children.

Narita Airport Terminal 3

Narita Airport is expanding with a new terminal dedicated to low cost air companies. Here is a sneak preview!

Saga Prefecture

Japan Regional Guide: Saga Prefecture

Japan Visitor - kofu-guide-747.jpg

Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture: read a guide to Yamanashi Prefecture west of Tokyo and famous for its lovely highland scenery including Mt. Fuji and Shosenkyo Gorge.

Tokyo Camii, the mosque in the capital, is the largest mosque in Japan.

Mosques in Japan

It is not a secret, the Muslim religion is an extreme minority in Japan. The archipelago has approximately 160,000 Muslims and about thirty mosques.


Japan by plane

Low-cost airlines in Japan now offer prices that compete with the long domination of the railway.

Awa Odori Matsuri

A Summer of Celebrations

Among the thousands of festivals taking place in the summer in the archipelago, Japan Experience recommends the 5 most famous and impressive.

Mapping of flowering cherry blossoms in Japan (hanami).

Hanami, the countdown is on!

It's official: Japanese cherry trees are set to start blooming from March 20, 2015! To not miss anything, all the details on this floral weather, which the Japanese take very seriously.

Torii of Meiji Jingu

Avoid the crowds

Recently, with long lines, crowds and the world of bad counter service, overseas traveling can be stressful.

Japan Visitor - chichibu-guide-1.jpg

Chichibu Saitama Prefecture

Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture: read a guide to Chichibu city in Saitama Prefecture just over an hour from Tokyo and with much to see and do.

The Suica card, recognizable by its green color and baby penguin.

The Suica card

The IC SUICA card, essential for using most public transport systems, is currently out of stock.

Find a trash can in Tokyo

We see it in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan: clean streets, but not a trash can in sight! So what do Tokyoites do with their garbage?

Japanese public telephone

Public telephones

Often, your mobile phone becomes unusable once on Japanese soil. The solution: public phones!

The bed of cherry petals just after hanami.

Cherry rush

Want to experience hanami, but don't know when and where to go? Here is a selection of the most beautiful spots for Japanese cherry trees from the far north to the tropics.

Seven Stars, the Orient Express of Japan

Discover the stunning landscapes of Kyushu in style: Welcome aboard the most luxurious Japanese train.


Rent a phone when you arrive in Japan remains the safest and most economical solution.

Rent a phone in Japan

A mobile phone can prove to be a useful and even essential tool if you want to make the most out of your stay in Japan. It provides a feeling of security, but is also a way to make reservatio

The Minka are traditional Japanese houses

Minka, the cottages of Japan

Have you ever wanted to experience Japanese life of the past?

Inside a ryokan in Japan.

Ryokan Etiquette

Your trip to Japan would not be complete without a stay at a ryokan.

Fireworks before the famous Miyajima torii.

The top 5 fireworks shows

Summer in Japan would not be complete without the famous fireworks (hanabi taikai). Hundreds of fireworks displays are held each year throughout the country, mainly in summer.

Japan Visitor - randen-tram-1.jpg

Keifuku Randen Tram Line Kyoto

The Randen (Keifuku) Line is the last remaining tram line in Kyoto. The Randen (Keifuku) Line has two lines from Shijo Omiya and Kitano Hakubaicho to Arashiyama.